Saturday, October 8, 2016

31 Halloween Pregnancy Costume Belly Painting Ideas Part 3

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I wanted to share the best part of my last pregnancy. Baby belly painting! Baby arrived thanksgiving weekend 2015. So, October was the perfect time to celebrate the last big pregnant belly I'll ever have. As usual, I went overboard! If I'd done less, I would have made up elaborate backdrops, props, and costumes to complete each design, but this was just for fun. I did a new belly painting every day of october. I had a tough time searching for belly painting ideas online, so, I wanted to post all my ideas so other moms-to-be could have a few more to look through. Enjoy!

23. Turkey Belly (for my Turkey Baby)

24. Zombie Eyeball

I am not an artist. This is something I didn't think I could
do at all and ended up being easy. Just plain green 'witch' halloween
body paint mixed with green for the outer ring and mixed with white for the inner.

25. Basketball Belly 

 Because I always wanted one.

26. Supermom (Superman)

27. Ladybug

Kids were going crazy this day so it's kind of unfinished.
I should've done a black head with white eyes.

28. Minions

LOL at my bellybutton! haha! I love how this turned out.

29. Monsters Inc. Mike Wisoski

30. Batman

31. Baby Footprints

I used big brothers footprints so it doesn't really make sense,
but I think you could use any footprints with the family name and it'd work.

That's it! I painted my belly 31 times!