Saturday, October 8, 2016

31 Halloween Pregnancy Costume Baby Belly Painting Ideas

I know, I know. I haven't posted in forever! Just signing on is making me want to blog again. Maybe I will! But, for now, I wanted to share the best part of my last pregnancy. Baby belly painting! Baby arrived thanksgiving weekend 2015. So, October was the perfect time to celebrate the last big pregnant belly I'll ever have. As usual, I went overboard! If I'd done less, I would have made up elaborate backdrops, props, and costumes to complete each design, but this was just for fun. I did a new belly painting every day of october. I had a tough time searching for belly painting ideas online.
So, I wanted to post my results before Halloween 2016 so that other moms-to-be could see a bunch of ideas in one place! I only used face and body halloween makeup paint from Wal-mart, and just mixed my own colors if I needed something they didn't have.

1. Fish Bowl Belly!

2. Jack Skellington (I forgot the nose!)

Mommy's tummy is scary!
3. Planet Earth (Because that's how it feels)

4. Star Wars Character R2D2

5. Goodnight Baby Lullabye 
I suppose this isn't a costume idea, but after doing planet earth I wanted to do a moon. I saw something similar on pinterest and thought it would work. I love the final result!

6. Beach Ball Belly 

7. Owl Family with Egg

8. Rainbow Baby Design
With 2 seagulls flying under it, honoring my 2 angel babies.
I loved this design!

9. Big Brother Handprints (Let the siblings do one)
I let the big kids do one. They each chose
their own colors for handprints and got in
some scribbles.

10. Butterfly
This is a terrible butterfly! I went off an actual photo since I 
couldn't find any stylized round butterfly ideas online.

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