Monday, April 13, 2015

New Beginning - My 5th Pregnancy

Wondfo Pregnancy test progresstion through 6weeks
This is going to be such a long post! I don't know why I waited so long to announce. It was always my plan to announce my bfp on my blog soon nearly immediately. I wanted to, but, honestly, I was a mess. I really struggled with the wondering and waiting about whether this pregnancy was going to work out or not. I had no organized thoughts, just feelings of depression and panic. Then my symptoms disappeared. All my symptoms disappeared! That happened on the day I turned 6 weeks. My last pregnancy ended around 6w1d so I was pretty sure it was over. I cried. I moped, and then I decided to make a plan. I scheduled a visit with a PCP in the hopes that we could do some bloodwork to check thyroid, vit D, and whatever else to find a possible cause for the losses. I still have that appointment in a month and I still hope to do those things, but it turns out the baby wasn't lost at all.

Best ultrasound, ever! I've had some good ones, but I walked into the room certain I would be told about my 3rd loss. Instead they talked about my 3rd baby! I started fighting back tears the moment I hit the table. I wasn't scared. I knew I was strong enough to handle whatever she was going to say, but I just couldn't handle the anticipation. Seeing my emotional state, the tech went straight to the baby first off and showed me a little heartbeat of 126. I know she was trying to help, but that didn't really reassure me. We'd seen heartbeats before on both of my losses. I was interested in the measurement. Both my losses measured behind, and both my kids measured ahead. I know some women lose babies who measure ahead, and some babies who measure behind survive, but measuring ahead is still a great sign. Finally, after she got pics of uterus, ovaries, and whatever else was in there, she went back to the baby to measure. Since we only had intercourse once this cycle there was little question that I was 6w4d. I knew I could measure a day or so behind because of delayed ovulation or implantation, but I didn't measure behind. The baby measured ahead! According to the scan, I became pregnant two days before intercourse. HA! What it means to me is that the baby is doing well. He (or she) is thriving in there. I don't think I would have been satisfied with anything less.

They are going to be so excited!
I'm newly motivated to eat healthy. It's not for nothing anymore. It's for my 3rd baby! I don't know why I don't have any symptoms. I have a lot of cramping and pain from that expanding uterus, but that's it. My worst symptom is usually fatigue and I just don't have it. I'm not that tired. I still easily stay up until 11 each night and wake up with the kids around 6:30. I'm not nauseous. Sometimes I feel like I'm about to be nauseous, but it never really happens. I know I should be thankful when some people suffer so much, but it's really unnerving. Thankfully, the scan helped me so much. I connected with the baby when I saw him there, and I'm ready to bring him into the world.

So, What's next?! Hoping to hear the heartbeat on my home dopplar at 8 weeks, get another scan at 9 weeks, regular OB appt for bloodwork at 10 weeks, and have a 12 week NT scan. After that 12 week appointment we'll let my two little boy find out they're going to be big brothers! There should be lots of blog posts to come!