Sunday, November 30, 2014

Trying to Conceive #3!

I hinted in one of my last posts that we're planning a 3rd child. The last three times I was trying to conceive (TTC) I updated this blog and twitter with every single false pregnancy symptom, ovulation test, and dreaded pregnancy test because this was an infertility blog and my twitter was pretty much solely about my fertility struggles. Now I feel like it's much more a mommy blog or even a special needs mommy blog and I'm not sure this is the right forum to detail every step of this journey. Also, a lot more of my family is reading this now and while I'm pretty open about my life when talking to people in person, posting certain things here feels more like making a big announcement rather than privately telling a few family and friends.

That said, I will share a little bit. Since my littlest has turned 12 months, there hasn't been a doubt in my mind that I wanted another child. Even on the worst days I am still completely sure. Adding a second child has brought us nothing but joy. I'm 100% sure I want another. I do worry that I will have a girl and she won't get along with her brothers or I won't know what to do with her, but if that's who I'm supposed to mother then I definitely want her. I'm not looking forward to the birth and I admit I don't adore the baby stage as much as some, but I can't wait til I have 3 kids over two!  Heck, J turns two in two months and I'm super excited to have TWO kids over two. I just love the family interactions, fixing two plates for dinner, talking with two kids in the backseat of the car, and keeping two little schedules straight in my Google calender. I love having more than one kid and I can't wait to have three!

What are we getting into?
This is our first month really trying although we've been 'letting things happen' all summer. I'm not surprised that nothing happened because I do have PCOS and I wasn't on any of my magic fertility supplements or following any of my tried and true fertility protocols at all.  I started all that stuff in August even though we weren't going to start timed intercourse until November and now here we are.  So far this cycle has been going really great! It's my best cycle since August by far. I'm in my 'two week wait' and should have the results by the end of the month. Will I post the results? I haven't decided yet. I probably will because I can't keep a secret, but we shall see.

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