Thursday, March 27, 2014

My 4 year old's Photography

Still no more developments on our search for a diagnosis for Gabriel, but I recently gained an interesting new perspective into his world when I downloaded 200 pictures off his toy camera.  They were fascinating!  Since I don't have much to report on this month, I decided to share his best photos.  We have an evaluation next month at a child development clinic so hopefully I'll have more to report in my next post.
He got the camera at Christmas, better test it on little bro first!
And then mommy!
Took me a while, but this is toilet paper
Close up of a row of Arizona Green Tea at the Supermarket
Self checkout scanner
Grandma's interesting rug
I love his perspective! What a great shot of Daddy and brother
"Mommy! Say CHEEESE!"
Taking a picture of me, taking a picture of a record.
Our front steps
Headlights on the car! Took me forever to figure out this one.
My camera lense
Microwave buttons
Peering over the double stroller, waiting for mommy.
There I am!
Unintentional selfie

Are they not fascinating? Such a unique perspective. I love my little photographer!

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