Sunday, January 19, 2014

I Still Exist!

We're still here! Finally back with a renewed commitment to blogging. I hope to blog at least once a month this year even if it's just a little update like this.  If possible, I'd like to change the blog title and give the whole blog an overhaul to better fit my life now. I'm still living in the mountains of Virginia and loving it, but my life no longer revolves around getting and staying pregnant. I'm still going to keep my old posts up, especially my miscarriage, ovulation tests, and fetal doppler posts because they're my most popular and I hope they continue to help people, but I want to start writing more about what's going on in my life now. What's going on now? Nothing that unusual. I'm in the average undertakings of mothers of  young children. We're weaning, potty training, and I'm trying to lose weight and get healthy. Typical mom stuff.  But it's different to me because it's not new mom stuff.  I've moved past the baby stuff on to experienced mom stuff and my perspective has changed. I'm thinking up new blog names. Possibly a play on words involving the mountains and the bay, or on Jackson Bay (the baby's name), or something about raising boys. The frontrunner at the moment is 'Boys, Brothers, and Everything I Mother." Seems too long.

This isn't to say my pregnancy days are over. We're not done having kids. Some dates we've been throwing around to start trying to conceive again are September 2014, December 2014, or 'sometime in 2015'.  Ha. I'll certainly be blogging my next pregnancy, but there will be so much more real life going on.  I think next time I'm pregnant it will be just another important piece of a very full life instead of my whole focus like the last three times.

I've also decided to start using my kids real first names. I know that's a hot button issue as the digital age sometimes collides with our traditional upbringing, but I think our children will not have the same qualms as us.  They will wonder why we hesitated to put pictures of our kids up online or refrained from using their names.  Will they even still use the term digital footprint?  My almost 4yr old is named Gabriel, and my 1yr old is Jackson Bay. We never call Gabriel anything else, but we do often shorten the baby's name to Jackson.

So let me catch up anyone still following by very briefly updating the topics I left hanging in my last post, What I'd Blog about if I were Blogging

Big Babies - I guess I still have one of those, but not as crazy above average as he used to be. His first birthday was the 5th, and I can't wait for our 12 month checkup on the 24th. He's definitely still tall for his age, but he doesn't look as fat to me now that he's walking.

Breastfeeding - We have just finished daytime weaning. It was super easy. I'm debating weaning completely, but just haven't yet decided one way or the other.

Food Allergies - Jackson Bay doesn't have any at all. HA! After I was so sure! I even documented a reaction.  That was a real reaction, but the allergist explained many babies roll through brief food sensitivities. Those are different than true allergies and usually pass quickly. My baby is allergy free and eats everything, including Gabriel's allergens. Gabriel is rapidly growing out of his allergies (yay!) and is no longer contact sensitive so it's not dangerous to have them around.

Metatarsus Adductus - We are still dealing with this, but it's turned out to be somewhat of a non-issue. Though my research showed that many babies with MA don't walk until 18 or 22 months, Jackson has already started toddling around. He does fall a lot. Perhaps more than my older son did, but Gabriel didn't walk until 14 months and absolutely took off running. I think Jackson is just taking it slow. I still worry about his crooked feet, but we've decided not to take any corrective action upon the advice of a specialist. I'm still documenting his cute feets each month in the hope that I one day follow through on writing an MA blog post. I still feel like there are so few real life stories out there.

I think that counts as a decent update!  I hope I think up a new blog title before the next one. Feel free to offer suggestions here or on twitter.  I'll leave an inspirational video I took of the kids trying to play catch. This is my daily life and I love it!