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What I'd Blog about if I were Blogging

At a wedding earlier this month
So many months have gone by, and I've realized I just don't have the time. I was able to blog while pregnant not only because my son was older, but also because I had hours of free time at my part time job.  Now I've got a new baby, and no job (YAY!), and it's just not happening...until today!  I do have errands to run and things to do in the house, but the baby is asleep so we can't leave.   DS is happily playing outside, so, I'm 'stuck' out here in the beautiful sunshine with nothing to do.  I'm blogging!  I want to touch on all the posts I have half written in my mind.  I want to write about all the things I'd write about if I were blogging regularly.

Big Babies

I have one of those!  Baby is nearing 5months old and is about 20lbs and over 27in.  If I were
Taken just before he turned 4m
blogging, I'd write about how surprised I am every time someone sees him and exclaims, "he's so healthy!"  I'd like to research whether big babies actually do get sick less often.  Are they really healthier?  He had a rough cold when he was a newborn, but has been very healthy since then.  However, DS was a small baby and didn't really get sick the first year, either.  I'm surprised that people equate a fat baby with health, especially with older babies.  I've always thought that while very small babies were at risk for health issues, babies come in all sizes due to chance and genetics.  I didn't think any size put them at higher or lower risk for health issues besides being very small.


Does anyone ever have it easy?  I mean, is any one's breastfeeding journey everything they hoped it would be from the very beginning to the very end? LOL. Like most bf'ing stories, our journey has had it's ups and downs, and if I were blogging I'd chronicle our trials and tribulations.  We started off wonderfully with a great latch and oversupply.  I was able to build up an enormous freezer stash of about 500oz, and then slowly cut out pumping's as my supply regulated.  At 6 weeks I was able to utilize the childcare center at our gym, and that's when baby started getting regular bottles.  It didn't take long for him to realize he preferred the bottle over the breast.  It became a battle to get him to breastfeed at all, and I was dipping into our freezer stash all too often.  In early May we went to the beach and he didn't get any bottles for a whole week.  That week fixed him!  I don't know how or why, but when we returned he was able to switch back and forth between breast and bottle without issue.  Silly baby!  Last night for the first time he refused the bottle and would only nurse.  Are we headed in the other direction?  While baby is very cuddly and loving, he's never used nursing as a form of emotional attachment like some baby's do.  It's always been just about food for him, and because of that I've always had the feeling our nursing relationship could end at any time on a whim.  I believe we will make it to 6 months because we're almost there.  I hope we'll make it to a year, but we'll just have to see. 

Food Allergies

Yep, another kiddo with food allergies.  While I did do a series of posts on my older son's food allergy journey, I wasn't blogging during most of the time we were actually experiencing it.  If I were
No more hard boiled eggs for mommy
blogging I'd be periodically updating different symptoms and documenting our journey as I try to figure out his allergens while breastfeeding.  I know he's allergic to eggs just like his big brother.  I suspect he's allergic to peanuts.  I'm hoping he's not allergic to dairy, and I think either soy or oats are causing him eczema.  We have allergy testing at the end of June, and I can't wait.  The guessing game is so frustrating.

Metatarsus Adductus

If you'd said that to me two months ago, I'd probably have thought you sneezed.  My baby's feet are crooked, pigeon toed, intoed, or any number of other nicknames, but the medical term is metatarsus adductus.  Around 3 months I started to notice his feet weren't identical to each other.  I thought it was cute how his big toe on his left foot was so flexible.  When he strained, he could nearly point it sideways!  But, the cuteness wore off quickly at his 4 month appointment when the pediatrician told me both his feet took a C shape so his toes pointed at each other instead of straight ahead, and the condition was much worse on his left foot.  He referred us to our closest teaching hospital, UVA medical center, to see a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  PANIC!  I was upset at first, but after researching it a bit I realized how common it was, and that most cases self correct in the first few years.  Our appointment is May 31st, and I'm hopeful we will be told to monitor it over time.  There are little to no blog posts on this condition even though it's fairly common at 1 instance for every 1 to 2 thousand births.  I've already done a tremendous amount of research on it and, if I were blogging, I'd write about the condition, provide links to the most recent studies, and document our journey.

Baby Led Weaning

It was our plan with this baby.  We briefly introduced puree's too early with my older son and easily decided to go to BLW with him.  He played with food a few times until he was 10 months when he began to eat for real.  I intended to withhold food from this baby until he was ready to eat it himself.  Ha.  My baby had other plans.  If I were blogging, I'd blog about how hungry he was, and how I struggled with the decision to go to purees.  I knew he wasn't satisfied, but I also knew he was already displaying food allergies and that his risk of developing even more allergies would increase the earlier I introduced foods.  It's now not recommended to give food until they turn 6 months, but there I was feeding my baby a home made avocado puree almost 2 weeks before he turned 4 months old.  It was WAY earlier than I had planned, and it made him so happy :)  All I needed was to see my baby's smile to know I'd made the right decision.  His daily fussiness and frustration ended and he returned to his happy self.  Food makes him so happy!  He's almost 5 months old now and we just went up to eating 3 times a day.  We're introducing foods extremely slowly since he hasn't been through allergy testing yet, so he's eating avocado, sweet potato, and applesauce.  Next I'm thinking about green beans or butternut squash.

So that's a brief list of what I'd blog about if I were blogging.  I hope this isn't a fluke and that I can continue to post something at least once a month.  If nothing else, I really want to do the Metatarsus Adductus post at some point because a post like that is needed.  As a 'food allergy mom' I've relied so much on the stories of those mothers who came before me.  I don't want future mom's to come home to google after that first MA diagnosis and find nothing but medical studies like I did.  The studies are helpful, but the personal stories are what guide you.  The appointment is next Friday on 5/31.  I'll certainly update on twitter, but I'll also try to do an update here.  I can't wait to get that and the allergist appointment behind us! Then another summer of beach trips, homeschooling, and hanging around outside.  I hope these months have found you guys well!

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