Monday, February 11, 2013

Update: 5 weeks already!

It's been so long! It's just tough finding time to blog even though I'm getting plenty of sleep.  I used to blog at work, so it's been difficult to figure out a new blogging routine as a SAHM.  Especially with a newborn in the mix! I hope to get back into the swing of things this month because I have so many blog posts in my mind, I really want to get them out before they get forgotten or over-thought.  But first, I want to catch up on how everything's been going on the last two months.

  • He's 5 weeks old and last week weighed in at 13lbs. He's enormous! We have been dealing with some health concerns, but nothing major.  At first the pediatrician labeled him with suspected food allergies like my older son, but now I'm not so sure.  He's spitting up into his mouth, acts like he has heartburn, and even sneezes milk.  I'm wondering if it's not reflux.  Or maybe the food allergies are just presenting themselves differently? I just don't know.  His symptoms are better when I avoid milk (DS is allergic to milk/eggs), but that could just be a sensitivity rather than an allergy.  He'll be old enough for allergy testing at 6 months.  He's a great sleeper and such a happy and content baby.  My DS was so inquisitive and curious as a baby.  His stares were so purposeful as he tried to figure everything out.  This baby is so chill! He just relaxes and gazes at the world.  The only thing that gets him mad is hunger, but if he's fed, he's happy.  He's such a joy, and so much more than what we hoped for. I'm so glad we had him!
  • SO MUCH BETTER THAN LAST TIME!!!  It helps having a giant baby, though.  He's big enough to handle my letdown, and my oversupply can carry him through near constant cluster feeding and growth spurts.  He's put on a pound a week since birth.  He's quite an eater!
What have I been up too?
  • The first three weeks consisted of me sitting on the couch waiting for my family to leave. First my family, then the in-laws.  It was un-ending and it was just misery.  Then I went into a brief depression after they left because I felt like I'd missed the baby's newborn period.  I couldn't enjoy or pay attention to him during those first weeks because I was so miserable, and I missed it.  Then I made myself get out of that funk because I didn't want to miss the present due to being upset about the past.  Lesson learned.  The next time I have a newborn, no one will be staying longer than 4 days.  I'm planning a blog post on this topic.  I can't stress enough how horribly miserable it was, not to mention how much more difficult it made the big brother transition for my son. '
  • I broke my tailbone during the birth and have been waiting for that to get better, but this last week has been much better. Especially if I keep up on ibuprofen it's only intolerable if I drive that day. Getting out of the car is the worst!
  • Other than that, I've just been waiting for baby to be old enough for the gym day care. After losing 20lbs in the first week, I still have 30 more pounds to lose.  My maternity clothes won't stay up without the belly, and only my fattest fat jeans will fit.  I'm mostly stuck in sweat pants.  I know I'll start losing again once I get to the gym, it's just one more week until I hit the treadmill and get back in shape. I can't wait!
How DS is doing
  • I felt so guilty while family was here, knowing how much more difficult they were making this transition for him, but I feel better now that they're gone and he's back to his pleasant self.  Now that they're gone and I'm his primary caregiver again, his world is back to normal and he's stopped acting out.  He now loves his little brother and talks to him all the time.  I still sometimes think about my miscarriage and wish they were closer in age, but obviously I wouldn't trade this baby for anything.  I feel like I'm now doing a good job making time for both of them, and while I wish I were raising them together, I think I'm doing a great raising a toddler and a baby who obviously have very different needs due to their age difference.

Well, geez.  Seems like not as much has been going on as I thought.  Every day is so full.  It felt like there was a lot more!  We've been going to the grocery store, doing playgroups, and even library programs.  I've made it to preschool on time, and managed to shower almost every day. Life is busy, but awesome.  And I can appreciate it all the more now that my family is gone.  Spending three weeks waiting to start our new life as a family of four has made me so grateful and appreciative.  I often sit with the baby at night and tell DH, "I'm so glad we had him!"  Honestly, it's made me all the more sure I want another.  Even at the hospital, he was so amazing I was even more sure we wanted a big family.

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  1. A VERY VERY belated CONGRATS,!!!! Margaret!!!
    U did,it momma!!! No pit.drip!! & i am,sooo glad u shared all the,details...and makez me happy to know,how strong u are,and geez all that walking and your womanly intuition!!!

    Now about this culture here i.,America...i too was BOMBARDED BY EVERYONE.....grandma/MIL was there 3 min after DS was born...ugh...and then it was for the following 11hrs....seriously...until 8pm that night (DS,born 9am) it was,visitor after visitor, and it was ridiculous!!!! I was tired of being all social AND HAVING TO remind people....please,wash your hands (no, sanitizer please, the real deal...soap + water!!!) &,then i just wanted time to oogle our DS and reminisce with my DH WITHOUT having evil auntie E. tell me all about Moro reflex , and Grandma S trying to re-latch (DS was just fine, optical illusion as my aerolas are giant)...and then all the young neices/nephews being forced to hold a 6hr old newborn, and not having a clue properly how to hold.....

    In other middle,Eastern cultures of the world, i read that it is,NO RELATIVES, NO FAMILY , JUST MOMMA&BABE for 4 was a subject i too READ UP ABIUT...OF course AFTER THE BIRTH....i have learned alot in Hindsight!!!!

    I also remember the dangnabbit nurses coming in every hour to check baby temp, to palpitate my uterus (ouch, theu pressed hard, and to ask abiut bleeding)...ugh...and to top it off these "just recently graduated" nurses had
    A) terrible bed side manners....(constantly look at monitor on wall NOT at me, and ..
    B) they are sooo young, they could easily have been my child (i am first time,momma @37yrs old)

    And tailbone.....i wonder if my tailbone was busted too......i read your words and i remeber sitting on carpet nursing DS and having to switch buttcheeks b/c of pain, i told DH, but he just said "yeah, u just had a baby, there are probably alot things feeling real different!!" Yeah total guy response, kinda,wise-A*#, but also kinda common

    i would,love to write more to you ..maybe email??
    Or if not (if u feel too bombarded!!! By all the stuff u got going on!!!)

    Keep up on being awesome momma,to your boys!!!

    We recently made it thru the first yr..phewwww!!! .wow for me...huge transition..i looooove being SAHM, AND EBF, and co,sleep, wooooahhh!!

    I would love,another opportunity to be pregnant and birth naturally and SAY NO TO GUESTS!!!! & to try to be all focused and be a great cool-cat momma....
    ...the truth is being a momma is great, IT IS,JUST DEALING WITH ALL THE OUTSPOKEN RELATIVES, THAT WAS IS STRESSFUL!!! Still is!!!