Thursday, January 3, 2013

THE 40 week update

How far along? 40 weeks! According to all my app's and widgets, 'baby will arrive in 0 days,' 'baby is 100% downloaded', and 'Congratulations on the end of your pregnancy.'  So...Where's the baby? LOL.

Any Pregnancy News? Late to post this because I wanted to include this morning's OB appt.  80% effaced, 2cm dilated, and the Dr was able to sweep my membranes. I realize membrane sweep is an intervention, but I really wanted it.  I've been having so many contractions and pre-labor symptoms that I think my body is ready for a little encouragement.  If I've not had the baby by my 41 week appt next friday then it's time to schedule an induction date. EEK!! Obviously, after my last birth experience I want to avoid pitocin this time at all costs, so I'm ready to get this baby out!

I have been walking a lot. Like, that's all I do all day.  I walked 9 miles one day last week and generally reach at least 6 miles.  But because I'm so fat and slow, it takes hours and I have to split it up into at least 2 walks a day.  It really does take up my whole day!

Position of the baby? Still head down and moderately engaged, but almost always in some version of posterior.  However, since he rolls from side to side so easily, I'm hoping some good positioning once labor starts will let contractions settle him in a good anterior position.

Sleep? Actually pretty good, except I wake up every morning newly furious that I haven't gone into labor. If you can't tell, labor is all I've been thinking about!

Movement? Not as much, and I think that's due to so many contractions. My belly will get so tight you can see his perfect outline, but he moves enough to let me know he's still kicking away in there.

Weight gain? They weighed me this morning at the doctors and it was 179. That'd be almost a 50lb weight gain from prepregnancy which is what I gained with DS.  To me, this means baby is done cooking!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I know I'll miss being pregnant, but it's so hard to enjoy it now at the end.  I think it was most enjoyable at 36 weeks or so with lots of movement and end of pregnancy excitement. Nowadays it's just all focusing on the end.

Labor signs? Lots and lots of contractions! Losing a bit of mucus plug everyday, but still waiting for the huge loss I saw with DS a few days before labor.  Every labor is different though, so I realize I may never see it this time.

Food Cravings? Protein shakes and lemonade!

What I'm looking forward too? THE BABY!!!


  1. Hang in there, Mama! I am due on Sunday!

  2. Checking in to see how you are doing?? I been reading your blog weekly. And noticed you have not updated. Hopefully you had your LO.