Monday, January 14, 2013

Jackson Bay Arrived

I tried so hard to get my birth story out in time for my regular Thursday posting.  But family was visiting, and then I kept thinking I was almost finished with the story.  Time got away from me!  Jackson Bay arrived on 1/5/13 at 11:35pm.  I did not have a natural unmedicated childbirth like I wanted, but I did avoid pitocin!  While I still don't feel like I've had one of those magical birth experiences, there's no question this birth was a better experience than my last.  I have no regrets, and that's something special in itself.

His positioning, facing my left side, turned out to be a MAJOR problem.  He was in this position the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but both my chiropractor and I felt he would turn with some good labor contractions.  There didn't appear to be any obstructions to his turning or any shortage of space, and we assumed he was of average size like my 7lb 4oz son had been.  What we misjudged was his size. Jackson was 9lb 5oz! He got stuck twice on the way out.  I got an epidural and they used forceps in a heroic/desperate attempt to avoid a c-section.  They were successful, and he made it out.  I was absolutely shocked at his size.  I STILL can't believe it.  While I maintained that I didn't have gestational diabetes this entire pregnancy because I was just below the cutoff, I think if I ever get pregnant again I'll stay on metformin (drug used to treat diabetes that also treats PCOS) the entire pregnancy rather than go off it after the first trimester.  This baby was too big for me!

Breastfeeding is going great!  After nursing DS for 2yrs with a nipple shield and never feeling like I was 'doing it right,' my big baby latches right on.  I had very minimal soreness and love being able to feed my baby without any extra equipment.  I am dealing with massive oversupply again, but I'd say I'm dealing well.  It's exciting to fill up the deep freezer, and I'm considering getting into milk sharing/ milk donation.  We're waiting until 4 weeks to introduce a bottle of pumped milk, and I can't wait for that too!  DH really wants to feed him, and even though he's already a great sleeper I think a bottle around midnight would really help him sleep through the night.

Ds had a very difficult time adjusting at first and was a cranky man every day, but my family was here to give him lots of attention and now he seems settled into our new routine.

Basically, everything is going great! I loved being pregnant so much I thought I'd miss it, but I love this baby so much.  I'm so glad he's here.  That's my reoccurring thought every time I see him.  I'm so glad we had him.  I'm so happy he's here.  I really still can't believe it.  Hoping to post my birth story on Thursday! Many more pics then.

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  1. Congrats Margaret so happy for u and your husband. When i had my son (first) we used a nipple shield the entire time then with my daughter she did great no nipple shield at all.