Thursday, December 20, 2012

38 week - Update

Geez, I always look so tired!
How Far Along? 38 weeks! I'm finally far enough along that if I had the baby I wouldn't worry about his size or prematurity.  I know they consider 37 weeks full term, and when I had my growth scan at around 31weeks they said my baby is above average size, but it's all hard to believe when DS was only 7lb 4oz at 41 weeks.  Now I can finally relax!

Any Pregnancy News? This week's OB appt isn't until tomorrow. Last wednesday I was 60% effaced, 1cm dilated, and baby had moved down to almost -1 station.  I really focused this weekend on squatting, bouncing, lunges, stairs, walking, and anything I could think of to get the baby down.  We did 2 mile walks everyday, and 4 mile treadmill walks at the gym. On monday I lost just a small piece of mucus plug and was quite encouraged. I must be more dilated! But, nothing else this week.  Plus, I went to the prenatal chiropractor appt yesterday and he said he didn't think baby was any lower.  I was disappointed after all the 'work' I've put in, but he also said baby was in a much better position so I'm still hoping he moves down today before my OB appointment tomorrow. Of course, as DH points out, a Chiropractor isn't an OB and just goes by feeling my belly so who knows.

I've been drinking loads of Red Raspberry Leaf tea in the hopes that contractions will be more efficient when I do get them, and have been taking 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil by mouth at night in the hopes it will be easier for my cervix to open if it's ready to do so. Now that I'm 38 weeks I'm going to take EPO in the morning as well.  I don't like to do anything to rush labor, but I'm all about doing everything I can to make labor quicker and easier!
Neither of us are blurry!

Position of baby? Chiropractor also said baby is now facing my right side. YAY! Supposedly a much better labor/delivery position. I had lots of contractions on Tuesday night, and I think my body was getting him to spin. Not much activity last night though.

Sleep? Definitely getting the worst sleep of the pregnancy.  There's not a lot of insomnia, but no matter how many hours I sleep, I wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all. I'm so tired this morning! That's the same way I woke up yesterday.

Movement? Baby moves a lot! It's mostly reassuring since I could only feel his bulldog movements for most of the pregnancy. It's nice to be able to feel nearly every movement.

Weight Gain? 174lbs. But in my frustration about not getting enough food I ate an entire oven ready pizza last night. lol. So it could be a pound or two high from retaining water, etc.  Otherwise it will be a 3lb gain for this week which I'd be happy with after my weight gain has slowed down so much lately. True that I've gained 44lbs, but I don't believe what I gained in the 1st two trimesters really does anything now. Baby is putting on the pounds and he needs calories everyday! I need to eat more food and of a healthier variety!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. In fact, I've been having a mental block against packing the hospital bag.  At first I thought I was just being my lazy self, but at 38 weeks I realized it was something more. It feels like to pack that back I have to really believe it.  It means I have to have faith that I'm going to the hospital pregnant and coming out with a take home baby.  Despite coming so much further than I did last time, it's so hard to make myself that emotionally vulnerable.  It's still hard to really believe it. BUT, I'm going to do it.  Hopefully today, but definitely tomorrow.

Labor signs? Just that bit of mucus plug and Monday night's contractions, but nothing else.

Food Cravings? I really wish I'd start eating more, but hopefully last week's delicious protein shakes are making up for it.  I'm going to start keeping hard boiled eggs in the fridge as well to have as a quick snack.

What I'm looking forward too? I want the baby! Getting a little excited for labor, but my brush with real contractions on Monday night reminded me that it's not a picnic.  It's a lot of work! But this time, I know how great it is to have a new baby.  I'm hoping this labor will be more positive than last time. With DS I remember being able to go without the epidural because I knew the pain wouldn't last forever. I was either going to have the baby or DIE. lol. The mind of a laboring woman can be a bit dramatic.

A bit unevern, but there's the big 'ol naked belly!


  1. fantabulous,....Really look AWESOME!!! And heck yeah thats sooo super all that walking and cardio rich blood !!! Ykeeeeaahhh!!
    I also was super mindful....veggies..load uo on Organic (b/c its one of dirty dozen) Kale for Vit. K ....that way NO VIT.K SHOT!!
    Proper and diligent nutrition....and I still gained 43#..and I lost it all by 4months just BEING..
    WOW....sleep...perchance to dream...and Einstein regularly functioned on 20min are doing great...and maybe you could harness & master the art of Sleepwalking/ could potentially be on the upcoming cast for the next Zombie flick!!
    I had no clue how beneficial the prenatal Chiro can/is be!!! Awesome job on getting your babe into position!!! Seriously!
    It is a,snow blizzard 16"+ snow....i betcha homebirth would be a thought....Do you have any concerns or needs or anything uh want me,to reasearch ...(that myself as an avid reader could help with??)

    Yum raspberry tea leaf tea!!! Yippee!! Great choice.

    You are,strong Margaret!!!

  2. Addit io naly.....that firsy foto of your son jump/running is great....he seeems,so excited and,happy to be included!!!..
    Yes, every mommas.body is,readying the babe as,nature intended......what I say is,yep, people,thought I was,soo small, supposed small for weeks,along, AND.... weight gain of 43#...AND then the,healthy 6#9oz ....MY BODY,KNEW,THE PERFECT SIZE,AND,WEIGHT TO NOURISH this human life that grew,attached to my placenta.

    Speaking of.....will you keep the placenta, I would have liked was,beautiful red,and I would have liked to enjoy some time thanking my body for generating and growing such a,healthy IMPERATIVE part of birth.
    Will/Can you assertively TELL/ASK the hospital staff to politely "back off".???
    I am only partly aware of their protocal.

    Much of their routine protocal is NOT the birth I think you are preparing for...

    They (hosp.staff) really dont have to weigh/length/cut U.cord RIGHT AWAY..(I DONT THINK THEY NEED TO)
    hmmmm a fresh born baby, cord pulsing, lights low, people calm, baby skin on momma,skin, naked promotes,beta-endorphin release....WHAT,A,BEAUTIFUL IMAGE!
    And that,vernix, has,awesom skin conditioning abilities, NO NEED TO WASH IT OFF with hospital bath!
    As far,as,i am aware.....Mommma makes rules right?

    You KNOW THAT ONCE you sign vonsent papers at hospital.....i think then those protocal..."X" change in "X" time start...

    And goll dang nabbit....

    You ARE HEALTHY AND YOU will birth with strength and naturally you will be without complication (as,the majority of births,INDEED ARE!!!)

    1. Our hospital is pretty understanding of our nocirc, no vitk, no vax, no eyedrops, wishes. They didn't put up a fuss when we asked requested those things for ds. I do want to see the placenta this time. I have no idea what happened to it last time. I still haven't made a birth plan! I have to get on that. Most of my wishes are already hospital policy, so it might just be a bulleted list this time since I already know how they roll.

  3. Totally ready,, Sounds,as if u r ready mentally!! Yippee!! Yeah the placenta can even be bagged up in a Biohazard bag....and taken with you!! Seems interesting/Intriguing..
    Xmas is almost here....yeah to Mother Nature for birthing us healthy hexagonal dendrites.
    Peace and positive vibes Margaret!