Thursday, December 6, 2012

36 Weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

The bigger my belly, the more my work
outfits resemble drapery. LOL
How Far Along? 36 Weeks - In the final 4 weeks! Less than a month! 27 days! Of course that's just until the due date. Hard to believe he could be here in two weeks! Though, DS was a week late, so it could be a while.

Any Pregnancy News? Enh. Really been getting into working out (just walking) more now that 'labor day' is getting closer. I want to be in shape for the birth, especially if it takes multiple days like my first labor.  I also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea in the hope that my uterus would get more efficient and take advantage of all these BH contractions I've been having to tone up.  On Monday I went to the gym for my normal BH filled walk on the treadmill and was shocked to see just 3 tiny bits of spotting on my liner. I was so weirded out.  I've heard of mucous plug or bloody show, but this was neither? I was going to call, but I knew they'd want me to come in and it seemed so silly.  Especially when I woke up the next morning with still no further sign of anything unusual. Tuesday I worked out again with lots of BH and no spotting.  Yesterday I added a 2 mile walk with DS in the stroller in the morning, and then did my normal 4 miles on the treadmill.  Had BH both times, but at the gym I again had a bit of spotting. UGH. So I'm going to call this morning and see if they want me to go in.  Seems like such small thing to freak out over, but I don't know whether to continue working out or not.

UPDATE: Went to the OB this morning and I'm 50% effaced, not dilated, and OK to continue my regular activity. WOOHOO! OB thinks the thin/low cvx just gets irritated when I'm doing too much.  She's cool with it.  YAY!

Position of the baby? Might be straight vertex, facing forward at the exact moment, but I don't think he's truly engaged.  He goes slightly diagonal with his head on my hip pretty often. I wake up with him that way almost every morning.  He often faces to the right, but I think at the moment he's facing my front. 

Sleep? Definitely getting worse, but not as bad as some.  About 3 or 4 potty breaks, and so many dreams it feels like I don't sleep at all.

Movement? Gosh, yesterday morning I woke up and baby boy wasn't moving at all! Totally freaked me out, but he kicked into gear after some orange juice and moved normally for the rest of the day. It scared me because he always moves in the morning. Silly boy!
Went hiking on Friday.  Made it all the way up the mountain!

Weight Gain? 173lbs, that's a 4lb gain in a week. I thought my weight gain had slowed a bit too much, so I don't mind a little jump like that.  Total weight gain of 43lbs.  I was over 50lbs gained with my son and it seems I'll either hit or surpass that mark again!  It's shocking to me considering I've been doing my hardest to stay in shape and eat well this pregnancy while eating junk and sitting on the couch last time, but it just goes to show a body knows what to do.  My body needs me to gain this weight to have a healthy baby.  I'm so glad it's doing what it needs to do!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I also miss wine! I'm a beer drinker, but I guess I associate wine with christmas time.  It's kind of sad because I was pregnant last christmas as well and couldn't drink either.

Labor Signs? Lots of BH contractions, especially when I go for long walks.  Walk less? Walk more and roll with it?  Seems like they're a really good thing, but now with the spotting I doubt myself.

Food Cravings? Ugh.  So annoying.  Does anyone love broccoli? Not that I've heard of, but lately I find it so satisfying.  It's weird because I still don't really like it.

What I'm Looking Forward too? Cut almost 200 4in squares for my quilt, made lots of progress on baby clothes organization, and tomorrow we'll get a christmas tree and put up the lights. I'm happy with the progress, but so looking forward to January when it's all over.  I want to get past the birth and the first weeks to my real life as a mom with 2 kids.  I can't wait!

Enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather this week!

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