Thursday, December 27, 2012

39 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How Far Along? 39 weeks! 1 week left until my due date, and my next OB appt is tomorrow.  I can't believe I didn't take a belly pic again! I guess I'll just share some christmas pictures.

Any Pregnancy News? Last week's OB appt was SO depressing at the time.  No progress at all. Still only 60% effaced and 1cm dilated.  That day was such a downer. To make it worse, no matter HOW MANY TIMES I said I was disappointed because it meant my body hadn't further prepared for labor, not because I was expecting or hoping for an early baby.  People in real life and on my due date clubs would always respond with the tired, infuriating, totally unsupportive line, "baby will come when baby is ready." Not only does this not really apply to me at all since that has nothing to do with why I was disappointed, I swear, everyone who utters those ridiculous words to any late term pregnant women are purposefully trying to make them feel as bad as possible.  Sometimes it's shocking to me the things women will say to each other.  That sentence in particular doesn't justify a response. Again, I'm not too concerned with when the baby comes, but I'd really like to be progressed as far as possible whenever he decides.  I had a 49hr labor last time!  I have good reason to want to progress each week, and it's not to rush the birth, it's to rush the labor!  I'm perfectly happy waiting until 41 weeks to have this baby, but I want labor to be 24hrs or less ;)
In other news, it turned out to be just as well to have the peace of mind that labor wouldn't be soon. As much as others wish for you to have a Christmas baby, it wasn't something I wanted.  Then, my mother's husband's mother (my step-grandmother) fell ill very suddenly and was hospitalized.  My mother is supposed to be jumping in the car and making the 4hr trip here the moment I go into labor so we have childcare for DS.  This week would have been a terrible time for her to leave her husband.  His mother passed yesterday afternoon, and I'm glad my mom can be there to help with the arrangements.  I feel bad that I can't travel to the funeral at this point in my pregnancy to show support for his family, but I'm glad at least I'm not taking mom away from where she's needed.

Tomorrow, I'll be checked again.  If I still haven't progressed, it's going to be depressing.  I'm expecting to have a baby in the first or 2nd week in January (due the 3rd), but I was really hoping to see progress every week until that point.  My OB is a chronic membrane sweeper, and usually doesn't ask permission. I used to be so against it, but if I'm dilated enough I now probably won't stop her. I doubt it will put me into labor, but it may help me dilate more and help my body prepare.

Position of the baby? Oh my, I have no idea anymore.  I think the issue is that even though his head is somewhat engaged at almost -1 station, the OB last week said it's not solidly engaged.  His head can bounce in and out of it's present position. I think baby is spinning around every which way.  This makes sense because the lack of true engagement would explain why I'm not progressing, and him spinning explains why every doctor or chiropractor I see says he's in a different position. They're all probably right, they're just feeling at different times and he's always moving!

Before and after shots of Christmas Eve and Christmas for DS.
I added 45 ornaments to the tree and it didn't look that different.
Next year I'm going to have to add garland or something else to make it better.
Sleep? I can never go to the gym on the weekends since they don't have childcare those days, and then they were closed Monday and Tuesday for the holidays.  Yesterday we had an ice storm that closed them again and kept us indoors.  I've gotten so lazy and lethargic these past few days without my workouts. I miss it so much! I think DS has cabin fever as well. He loves the childcare center at the gym, and with his preschool out for the holiday vacation he needs the activity even more. We need the gym! I'm listing this problem under sleep, because that's how this effects me the most. With no physical activity at night, I'm not able to go to sleep until later and I don't sleep as well.

Movement?  Sometimes I worry my water has broken because I leak so much fluid during the day, but my OB has said the amount is normal and since there's no decrease in movement it's easy to dismiss.  There's nothing as reassuring as feeling your baby move. I love it!

Weight Gain? Was 173 last night so I think I'm down a pound from last week. It's so hard to put on weight when my stomach is so squished! Up 43lbs from prepregnancy.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I like to think he was a boy, but I'll never know for sure. His birthday was January 2nd, 2012.  We're coming to the anniversary of those terrible days.  New year's eve when I worked third shift knowing something was wrong and debating whether or not to go to the ER.  January 1st when I found out my baby had died, and January 2nd when I completed my miscarriage. I'm not sure if most women give their miscarried children a birthday, but I love having a day that's his to remember him every year.  I hope this baby doesn't come on his sibling's birthday, but I'm trying to keep an open mind and will celebrate both children if they happen to share a birthday. 

Labor signs? Was having very mild contractions from about 6pm to 7:30 every night, but not last night. I think it's because I'm now so physically inactive that baby is perfectly happy staying where he is. I hope I can get to the gym today!

Food Cravings? Protein shakes have been kind of terrible lately. I haven't had much of an appetite at all, really.  I have had slices of extra sharp cheddar cheese all throughout the day, and have enjoyed a root beer every now and again. I think I'm craving a root beer float and will probably try to make one tomorrow night.

What I'm looking forward too? I'm not really looking forward to my appointment tomorrow because I just know I'll be disappointed, but I am looking forward to this weekend. I'm done working 3rd shift! From now on, if it's bedtime, I'll be going to bed. Just like a regular person! Can't wait to enjoy my Sunday watching football instead of fighting through exhaustion the entire day. 

Hope everyone had a great Christmas! DS found it exciting and exhausting. LOL!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

38 week - Update

Geez, I always look so tired!
How Far Along? 38 weeks! I'm finally far enough along that if I had the baby I wouldn't worry about his size or prematurity.  I know they consider 37 weeks full term, and when I had my growth scan at around 31weeks they said my baby is above average size, but it's all hard to believe when DS was only 7lb 4oz at 41 weeks.  Now I can finally relax!

Any Pregnancy News? This week's OB appt isn't until tomorrow. Last wednesday I was 60% effaced, 1cm dilated, and baby had moved down to almost -1 station.  I really focused this weekend on squatting, bouncing, lunges, stairs, walking, and anything I could think of to get the baby down.  We did 2 mile walks everyday, and 4 mile treadmill walks at the gym. On monday I lost just a small piece of mucus plug and was quite encouraged. I must be more dilated! But, nothing else this week.  Plus, I went to the prenatal chiropractor appt yesterday and he said he didn't think baby was any lower.  I was disappointed after all the 'work' I've put in, but he also said baby was in a much better position so I'm still hoping he moves down today before my OB appointment tomorrow. Of course, as DH points out, a Chiropractor isn't an OB and just goes by feeling my belly so who knows.

I've been drinking loads of Red Raspberry Leaf tea in the hopes that contractions will be more efficient when I do get them, and have been taking 1000mg of Evening Primrose Oil by mouth at night in the hopes it will be easier for my cervix to open if it's ready to do so. Now that I'm 38 weeks I'm going to take EPO in the morning as well.  I don't like to do anything to rush labor, but I'm all about doing everything I can to make labor quicker and easier!
Neither of us are blurry!

Position of baby? Chiropractor also said baby is now facing my right side. YAY! Supposedly a much better labor/delivery position. I had lots of contractions on Tuesday night, and I think my body was getting him to spin. Not much activity last night though.

Sleep? Definitely getting the worst sleep of the pregnancy.  There's not a lot of insomnia, but no matter how many hours I sleep, I wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all. I'm so tired this morning! That's the same way I woke up yesterday.

Movement? Baby moves a lot! It's mostly reassuring since I could only feel his bulldog movements for most of the pregnancy. It's nice to be able to feel nearly every movement.

Weight Gain? 174lbs. But in my frustration about not getting enough food I ate an entire oven ready pizza last night. lol. So it could be a pound or two high from retaining water, etc.  Otherwise it will be a 3lb gain for this week which I'd be happy with after my weight gain has slowed down so much lately. True that I've gained 44lbs, but I don't believe what I gained in the 1st two trimesters really does anything now. Baby is putting on the pounds and he needs calories everyday! I need to eat more food and of a healthier variety!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. In fact, I've been having a mental block against packing the hospital bag.  At first I thought I was just being my lazy self, but at 38 weeks I realized it was something more. It feels like to pack that back I have to really believe it.  It means I have to have faith that I'm going to the hospital pregnant and coming out with a take home baby.  Despite coming so much further than I did last time, it's so hard to make myself that emotionally vulnerable.  It's still hard to really believe it. BUT, I'm going to do it.  Hopefully today, but definitely tomorrow.

Labor signs? Just that bit of mucus plug and Monday night's contractions, but nothing else.

Food Cravings? I really wish I'd start eating more, but hopefully last week's delicious protein shakes are making up for it.  I'm going to start keeping hard boiled eggs in the fridge as well to have as a quick snack.

What I'm looking forward too? I want the baby! Getting a little excited for labor, but my brush with real contractions on Monday night reminded me that it's not a picnic.  It's a lot of work! But this time, I know how great it is to have a new baby.  I'm hoping this labor will be more positive than last time. With DS I remember being able to go without the epidural because I knew the pain wouldn't last forever. I was either going to have the baby or DIE. lol. The mind of a laboring woman can be a bit dramatic.

A bit unevern, but there's the big 'ol naked belly!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

37 Week - How I'm Feeling

No belly pic this week, but here's our Christmas tree.
Can you tell how far DS can reach? LOL
How Far Along? 37 weeks? Apparently, I'm considered full term! I guess I should be busy with last minute baby preparations, but it doesn't seem like there's that much to do.  I suppose I should pick up a pack of diapers. LOL.

Any Pregnancy News? I'M DILATED! I had an OB appointment today.  All the Dr's in the practice were occupied or running behind today so I saw one of the midwives.  Last week I was 50% effaced, not dilated, and at -1 station.  This week I'm 60% effaced, 1cm dilated, and baby is slightly less engaged at almost -1 station or between -2 and -1 (I guess -3 is floating, not engaged in the pelvis and 3 is nearly out). 

Of course, I'm super excited about the dilation, the most obvious sign of progress, and I'm not too concerned about the little slip in engagement I think it's due to the chiropractor giving him more room to move.  I had quite the adjustment today, and the loosening of my round ligament has drastically improved my workout.  I took DS for a 2 mile walk after the appointments and only had contractions, no debilitating burning on my right side which I guess was just round ligament pain.  Also, I went to the gym in the evening and was on the treadmill for 2 whole hours! It was the slowest I've ever walked, but I was really pleased to make it the whole 2 hours for the first time in a long time.

Position of the baby? Baby has been facing my front instead of my spine. I mentioned this to my wonderful chiropractor today after not seeing him for two weeks. He said that not only was I way out of alignment, but my round ligament on my right side was super tight. There were a lot of bone popping adjustments, and as I was heading to the OB's I felt baby was really active. The midwife about blew my mind when she said baby was facing my left side. I've felt so much movement on my right side, I can't believe he's facing my left. The only explanation is that he spun around between appointments. I haven't felt those telltale hand movements very low, so I'm hoping he is now facing my spine.  Only time will tell!

Sleep? It's definitely getting more difficult. I look forward to the hormone driven newborn period where a 2hr nap makes you feel like a million bucks.  Right now I feel like I need an 8hr block of sleep and can't get it due to a combination of comfort issues, potty breaks, and insomnia.

Movement? Lots and lots! Funny story, in the evenings for the past two weeks sometimes baby would periodically put a tremendous amount of pressure down below. I kept feeling like he was trying to get out! The movement was much stronger while I was in the shower this evening and I realized it's not baby's movement, they're contractions! lol.  I've felt many contractions while working out, but they've always squeezed my belly around in a circle.  I wasn't used to these downward contractions and haven't recognized them.

Weight Gain? 171, I lost two pounds in a week, but still totaling 41lbs for this pregnancy so I'm certainly not worried.  It's been noticable this week how much less I can eat.  So, I'm trying to make up for it by improving the quality of what I eat.  I have a big salad every night for dinner, which is good because by then I can't eat anything heavy.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child But I can't wait for this baby.  I might say I miss my old non-pregnant body now that the discomfort has increased, but I know I'll miss being pregnant.  This pregnancy was so hard to achieve, and I spent so many days wishing I could be pregnant again and wondering if it would ever happen.  My appreciation of my pregnant body outweighs the discomfort and distant memory of my pre-pregnant body.

Labor signs? As I mentioned above, apparently I've been having more BH contractions than I thought, and they've helped me progress! I'm so happy about the 1cm.  Expecting just half a cm by next week and an increase in effacement.  Hoping for a whole cm, but I think that would be pretty rapid progress.  A lot of people think this baby will come much earlier than my son, but I'm not so sure.  He may be a January baby after all ;)

Food cravings? I make the best protein shakes! They're extremely high calorie, but my stomach is so squished I think it's good for me.  I put milk, vanilla ice cream, protein powder, and peanut butter in the blender and it is SO DELICIOUS!  I tried to calculate the calories the other day, and came up with 700 calories. LOL. It's my lunch, though, and I've still been losing weight so I think it's ok.

What I'm looking forward too? I want a baby! I want the birth and the adjustment period to be over with, and to start living my life with two kids. I can't wait to see how my son adjusts to baby.  I can't wait to get some time off from working 3rd shift.  I can't wait for the baby to get here!

Still working on the quilt for our guest room.
I love having just one non-baby project to work on.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

36 Weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

The bigger my belly, the more my work
outfits resemble drapery. LOL
How Far Along? 36 Weeks - In the final 4 weeks! Less than a month! 27 days! Of course that's just until the due date. Hard to believe he could be here in two weeks! Though, DS was a week late, so it could be a while.

Any Pregnancy News? Enh. Really been getting into working out (just walking) more now that 'labor day' is getting closer. I want to be in shape for the birth, especially if it takes multiple days like my first labor.  I also started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf tea in the hope that my uterus would get more efficient and take advantage of all these BH contractions I've been having to tone up.  On Monday I went to the gym for my normal BH filled walk on the treadmill and was shocked to see just 3 tiny bits of spotting on my liner. I was so weirded out.  I've heard of mucous plug or bloody show, but this was neither? I was going to call, but I knew they'd want me to come in and it seemed so silly.  Especially when I woke up the next morning with still no further sign of anything unusual. Tuesday I worked out again with lots of BH and no spotting.  Yesterday I added a 2 mile walk with DS in the stroller in the morning, and then did my normal 4 miles on the treadmill.  Had BH both times, but at the gym I again had a bit of spotting. UGH. So I'm going to call this morning and see if they want me to go in.  Seems like such small thing to freak out over, but I don't know whether to continue working out or not.

UPDATE: Went to the OB this morning and I'm 50% effaced, not dilated, and OK to continue my regular activity. WOOHOO! OB thinks the thin/low cvx just gets irritated when I'm doing too much.  She's cool with it.  YAY!

Position of the baby? Might be straight vertex, facing forward at the exact moment, but I don't think he's truly engaged.  He goes slightly diagonal with his head on my hip pretty often. I wake up with him that way almost every morning.  He often faces to the right, but I think at the moment he's facing my front. 

Sleep? Definitely getting worse, but not as bad as some.  About 3 or 4 potty breaks, and so many dreams it feels like I don't sleep at all.

Movement? Gosh, yesterday morning I woke up and baby boy wasn't moving at all! Totally freaked me out, but he kicked into gear after some orange juice and moved normally for the rest of the day. It scared me because he always moves in the morning. Silly boy!
Went hiking on Friday.  Made it all the way up the mountain!

Weight Gain? 173lbs, that's a 4lb gain in a week. I thought my weight gain had slowed a bit too much, so I don't mind a little jump like that.  Total weight gain of 43lbs.  I was over 50lbs gained with my son and it seems I'll either hit or surpass that mark again!  It's shocking to me considering I've been doing my hardest to stay in shape and eat well this pregnancy while eating junk and sitting on the couch last time, but it just goes to show a body knows what to do.  My body needs me to gain this weight to have a healthy baby.  I'm so glad it's doing what it needs to do!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I also miss wine! I'm a beer drinker, but I guess I associate wine with christmas time.  It's kind of sad because I was pregnant last christmas as well and couldn't drink either.

Labor Signs? Lots of BH contractions, especially when I go for long walks.  Walk less? Walk more and roll with it?  Seems like they're a really good thing, but now with the spotting I doubt myself.

Food Cravings? Ugh.  So annoying.  Does anyone love broccoli? Not that I've heard of, but lately I find it so satisfying.  It's weird because I still don't really like it.

What I'm Looking Forward too? Cut almost 200 4in squares for my quilt, made lots of progress on baby clothes organization, and tomorrow we'll get a christmas tree and put up the lights. I'm happy with the progress, but so looking forward to January when it's all over.  I want to get past the birth and the first weeks to my real life as a mom with 2 kids.  I can't wait!

Enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather this week!