Thursday, November 29, 2012

35 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How Far Along? 35 weeks. Exciting! I didn't take a belly pic again.  How come I keep forgetting during the most important month!

Any Pregnancy News? I always get contractions when I work out, but on Saturday they never went away. I contracted about every 8 minutes from Saturday afternoon, all night long as I worked 3rd shift at my part time job, until I got a nap sunday morning.  I still had them Sunday, but more spaced out.  I had a few more Monday and Tuesday, and finally Wednesday was my OB appt.  I've been seeing Dr. J the last two weeks as I rotated through the practice so that whoever is on call when I go into labor will be familiar with me, but this week I was happy to be back with Dr. G, my doctor.  She suggested a cervix check and I agreed.  Natural birthers my disagree with the decision, but I really enjoy working out and 35 weeks is just too early to be going into labor unexpectedly.  I wanted to make sure I can continue to work out without endangering the baby.  Cervix was still long and closed. YAY!  Dr. G observed the baby is head down, but very high and theorized that my contractions are my body's attempts to get the baby's head to engage in the pelvis.  She was not concerned, but expects me to have many more contractions as the pregnancy progresses.  You'd think I'd be upset, but my last labor was so terribly long I'm really encouraged that my uterus will have lots of practice before the real thing. 
Kind of a terrible pic,
but here's the baby's little corner of our bedroom

I was able to ask her thoughts on my 31 week growth scan which showed the baby's head measuring at 35 weeks.  She discounted the whole thing! She said those measurements are designed to be taken with the baby in a vertex (head down) position.  Since he was transverse the whole scan, she doesn't trust the accuracy of the head measurement. Woohoo! I asked if she'd be ordering another scan, and she said only if the baby doesn't move down at all within the next few weeks.  He's quite high and though it's common for 2nd baby's not to move all the way down until after labor begins, my baby's head doesn't appear to be in the pelvis at all.  This is one thing I'm actually not worried about.  Supposedly the best way to get the baby to engage is to walk a lot and sit on an exercise ball.  I already walk a little less than 20 miles a week and can commit myself to at least an hour a day on the ball as well.  I have plenty of time to get him to engage!

Other news? I did see the chiropractor after the appointment and things went as well as usual.  Having both appts on the same day made my morning busy, but it was also nice not to give up two days to appointments in the same week.  I decided to try to have them on the same day for the rest of the pregnancy.  That also simplifies the debate on how often I'll see the chiropractor.  He suggests every week, but I'm not sure I can afford that.  I'll just move to weekly whenever my OB appointments become weekly.  I'll see them both again on Dec 12th. 

After being in the car all morning, DH let me know his car broke down an hour away at his job. I picked up DS from preschool, fed him a sandwich, drove us to DH (DS napped on the way) and from there we called a tow truck for the car.  Thank goodness it will be an easy repair and, though expensive, it wasn't the transmission like we first thought. We then ran errands for DH, took DS to a toystore, and arrived home at 5pm.  I'd been in the car all day!  I was so happy to get to the gym to walk and stretch out. 

Also, this weekend I wrote a post on How I Tried to Flip my Breech/Transverse baby. It includes everything I tried to get baby to flip.  While baby did flip, I'm hesitant to say my efforts worked because there's no proof they did. He might have flipped on his own anyway, but I still felt the need to share in case other women of action were in the same situation.

Position of the baby? This morning at the OB appointment he was basically head down, but slightly diagonal.  His feet are kicking under my right ribs, and head is on my left hip. While very encouraged and now eager to get him engaged, I realize he can still roll around into whatever position he pleases.  I feel certain the weekend before thanksgiving he was briefly breech and then transverse.  I'm happy he's only like that for short periods of time and always flips back, but I'd be a lot less stressful for me if he'd get engaged and stay head down!

Sleep? I'm definitely more tired.  I need more sleep, and for the most part I'm getting it, but working third shift on the weekends is becoming borderline impossible.  Of course I'd love to quit, but I have a lot of wants for this baby and the job pays for them.  We want a lighter car seat, a fancy new baby monitor, and to continue to afford the chiropractor.  Those things may not always be worth 2 days with little to no sleep, but they are right now.

Movement? This kid has the hiccups so often, I love letting others feel them.  While his movements are very powerful, they're not as often as DS's movements and even when he's awake it's hard for others to feel him.  At least they get the hiccups!

Weight gain?  I wasn't able to weigh in last week due to being at grandma's, but two weeks ago I weighed 166.  I weighed in at the Dr's yesterday at 172, but this morning I'm 169 on my own scale.  I think I'll stick with my own numbers since they're better. lol.  That's a 4lb weight gain in 2 weeks.  Not bad.  I think I'm not gaining as fast as the beginning because the baby is taking more from me now.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I've been thinking of him a lot this last week.  Everyone is so looking forward to a new years baby, but I have never liked that holiday.  Over the past five years, each new years has been worse than the last.  Last new years eve I suspected something was wrong, and on New Years day I was sobbing by myself in a hospital room.  It's easy for me to believe this New Year's will be better, because it's hard to imagine anything worse than that, but I don't want this baby born on New Years.  I won't say that holiday is ruined forever, I'm sure I'll often enjoy the day, but I will always remember it as the day I found out my baby died.  I want to remember it that way.  I don't want to ever forget him.  However, I would feel bad if this baby arrived on New Year's day and every year on his birthday I first remembered his sibling.  I know the signs point to early arrival, but I think and hope this baby will go past his Jan 3rd due date just like DS. 

Labor signs? Helloooooo, contractions.  This weekend I described them as mild and painless.  Now they're definitely stronger, but I'd still say they were painless although sometimes they're so tight they make me feel claustrophobic or like I can't breath.  I can still walk through them, though.

Food cravings? Kind of getting into salads/veggies again.  Starting to get an aversion to soda which is certainly a good thing.

Fabric and quilt design all picked out.
Now I just need to start!
What I'm looking forward too? So far I've either had no free time in the evenings, or had an obligation, but I'm really looking forward to putting together quilt patches for the double bed in our lavender guest room.  I've drawn out the design, bought the fabric, and need to cut out the patches and then dust off my sewing machine.  Once the quilt is pieced, it will be sent off to my grandmother's for quilting.  I certainly don't have the time to hand quilt it, and my grandmother is no longer able to piece quilts due to her Alzheimer's.  She still loves to quilt and so my aunts and relatives are trying to make sure there's always something for her to do in the quilting frames.  It's really the only thing she can still do.  Of course I look forward to the baby every day, but it's also nice to look forward to something not-baby related.  I don't think I'm the only preggo who gets babied-out sometimes ;)

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