Thursday, November 22, 2012

34 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How Far Along? 34 weeks. Only 6 weeks 'til my due date! A month and a half to go by weeks, but if you're looking at the calender it seems like even less.

Shame I did the pumpkin for halloween,
I could have been a beach ball!
Any Pregnancy News? I think this will be a short thanksgiving week update.  I'm at my grandparents with barely any signal, and even less time.  DS has been stressed with all the people (I have a very large family) and it's translated into extremely clingy behavior.  I can't leave the room to go to the bathroom and sometimes I can't even go 5ft away without him getting upset!  So, I've let him watch a lot of TV, sit next to me with his portable DVD player, and eat whatever he wants.  Eek! I'm sure my family has raised eyebrows, but it's just a week.  We'll be home on Friday.  The only real issue has been my grandmother keeps this house SO HOT!  I'm sweating all the time, but trying to keep up with lots of water.  Today is the first day I have a headache from it and at one point got lightheaded.  It's only a high of 50 so I can go out and get cool, but it's about 80 degrees in the house.

Position of the Baby? ARGH!! I was writing a blog post on how I got the baby to flip using spinning babies techniques this weekend, and felt like quite a hypocrite as the baby flipped back to breech (BP should come out this weekend).  I woke up Monday with him breech and had to endure the 4hr car trip here with his head in my ribs and kicking my internal organs. OUCH! Then I tried to flip him back Monday night by sleeping on my left side, but someone had recently flipped the mattress so laying on my left side made me feel like I was about to roll off the bed completely.  Tuesday I was unsure of the position, so he was probably transverse.  I usually know when he's breech because the kicking is so painful.  Tuesday night I finally figured out if I put a pillow under my bump I could lay on my left side comfortably despite the mattress.  Wednesday morning I still couldn't determine the position, but I really felt like he was back to vertex.  By last night I was even more sure he was back to vertex.  When I get home I'm going to transition to exercises designed to get the baby to engage in the pelvis in the hopes that he'll stay vertex.  It's painful for him to be breech and also stressful to know my natural birth hopes are in jeopardy.

Sleep? pretty bad. I'm sleeping with DS and without DH in a strange bed. DH has been home working this week, but will join us today for my family's thanksgiving meal.  Then we'll all leave tomorrow.  We probably won't sleep well tonight though, as DS will be on the floor in a sleep chair.  This is the baby who refused to sleep in his crib mattress anymore at 10 months, instead opting for a twin mattress on the floor.  I really don't see him sleeping in one of those sleep chairs, but it's just one night so we'll make it through.  Then one good nights sleep at home before my regular weekend 3rd shift at my part time job.

Movement? So thankful for the movement and hiccups for letting me know how the baby is positioned and prompting me to discover and use the spinning babies techniques.  Though those kicks are terribly uncomfortable, they're his way of telling me I need to act!

Weight gain? Don't know! No reliable scale here.  But I'd hate to weigh myself when I'm so swollen from the heat anyway. Last week I was up 35lbs and I doubt I've lost any.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I'd also like to return to the days when my skin wasn't so dry.  It's not just been this week, but for around two weeks.  My legs looks so scaly and it's hard to remember to lotion them every night when I used to only have to use lotion after shaving.

DS on his first day home!
He had a touch of jaundice so a bit yellow.
Labor signs? Despite the uncomfortable heat, I haven't had a single contraction this week.  I think because I haven't been working out.  I only got them when working out before, so I guess that just goes to show how important that time in the gym is to my pregnancy health.

Food cravings? An excellent time to grave mashed potatoes and turkey! I think because of all the commercials and anticipation.

What I'm looking forward too? I want to get home and get this baby engaged!  Also, my grandmother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and my aunts believe her favorite hobby of hand quilting will help delay progression of the disease.  She can no longer piece together the quilt tops, mark them, or put them in the quilting frames so I'm excited to piece together a quilt for her to hand quilt.  How special to have a quilt for DS or the baby that was hand quilted by my grandmother!  I can't wait to go home and shop for material.


  1. firstly...Margaret...You Look Awesome!!It is,simply wonderful how you are rwally careful about YOUR HEALTH and care of the DS that is maturing!! Organic Kale I just, read is,an uber amazing veggiw..and Fresh Cranberries have,fantastic antioxidants and decrease LDL
    I love how comitted and focusedyou are for proper Head Down positioning...KEEP ON DOING A GREAT JOB!!! Awesome Awesome!!!
    We (DS 9mo &DH) just came home from Grandmas...where it,was.....yep!! 80°..yikes!!! cheeks were red and DS stripped down to trainers (we EC)....I WAS,THE ONLY ONE,actually "complaining about how frickin' hot it was. ..huh....why dont people,speak up?? My moms ears,were as red as beets..yet,nobody has,the gusto to,say..."wholly Jamaica,, I,am a bakin'" :) :)
    We didnt have to sleep there though!!
    I am soo excited for you...

    I am happy you are keeping your,DS close if thats,what he,needs thats what,you give him...awwwh...Even as an adult big Social Holidaze..ugh.. ..thanks for being a Respectful.parent!!

    Moonstone and Rose Quartz are supposed tobe,great metaphysical gemstones to be positive influence with pregnancy POSITIVE EMOTIONS!!

    Cheers to sleeping in your,own bed, own house!!

    Fun fun...Lunar Eclipse next Wed ~9-11

  2. Wonder if Lia Joy might,even consider skype doulaing...?? She has 4 kiddos,under 10yrs...and well I just toss rhought it might be worth havibg options....I just know,if I was,in yiur,shoes,i sure,want someone who can Say LOUD AND,CLEARLY..."U CAN ABSOLUTELY DO THIS,birth!!!!"'...i want margaret to succeed...i dont even know you but you DESERVE TO FEEL AND FULFILL YOUR PREGNANCY WITH Your methods, and beliefs.....I am cheering for u!! Esp near mid January !!!! Could,even put up a,door birth :) if u get snowed in and go for home,birth!!! Ear, plugs in and get into a groove in your OWN SPACE IN YOUR HEAD......feel the,power that your body was,Really Meant to do this,and CAN DO THIS.... :) :)