Thursday, November 15, 2012

33 Weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

How Far Along? 33 weeks - Yay! Although I'll admit even numbered weeks are more fun.  They just make you sound further along!

DS is helping!
I look like I'm smuggling a basketball!
Any Pregnancy News? Earlier this week I wrote about how difficult it's been trying to achieve a natural unmedicated childbirth with no support.  Writing that post helped me feel better about my situation, and then I had a great OB appointment yesterday with Dr. J, the OB I used to not like, who said without me prompting her that there would be other things we could try before pitocin if my labor ends up being as long as last time.  That's all I've been wanting to hear!  It was great that I finally heard it from an OB, but honestly I'd been fine hearing it from DH, or the chiropractor, or any in-real-life friend.  I just wanted someone to have faith in me and say there was a slim chance I could avoid pitocin again.  Dr. J is now my #1 choice for delivery, but there are so many Dr's in that practice there's no telling who I'll get.

Position of the baby? Further good news, at the OB appt, Dr. J was able to determine that the baby is sort of head down-ish! Lol. Excuse my excitement for such a mediocre guarantee, but it was great that at least he wasn't transverse.  He was head down and facing my right side, but she said his head wasn't in my pelvis at all.  It was floating so high she had no doubt his head could go from side to side whenever he liked.  We had a rough night last night w a sick DS, and I'm pretty sure he's no longer head down.  While I'm less worried about breech/transverse delivery scenarios, I'm now focused on getting him to really engage in the pelvis.  Since everything I've read says that doesn't happen until 36 weeks or even later for 2nd time moms, I'm in no rush.  It's just going to be on my mind for a while.  We're out of town to my Grandmothers farm for thanksgiving, and then I'll start weekly chiropractor visits on our return. I'll also be spending lots of time bouncing on the exercise ball!

Sleep? Lately I think the way I sleep has a lot to do with the baby's positioning.  If I have a restful night's sleep on my left side, the baby seems to be perfectly head down the next day.  If I'm on my back part of the night he seems to be transverse, and if I sleep on my right side (which I prefer) he just stays in whatever position he's in or moves at random.  I tried to be on my left side last night, but DS was in bed with us and I ended up on my back for much of the night.  Not sure how baby is positioned this morning, but I don't think it's head down.  Good thing he's still so active!

Movement?  Lot's of movement!  Lot's of movement all the time.  Lot's of hiccups.  I love it!

Weight Gain? 166lbs. After no weight gain for 3 weeks, I gained 5lbs this week!  LOL.  I'd excuse it with just water weight or something, but that's what I weighed at the OB office as well.  Perhaps baby had a growth spurt?  I'm not unhappy about it because I know from DS I just gain a lot of weight while pregnant.  This brings my total weight gain up to 35lbs.  I have at least 6 weeks left, so it's going to be close to see if I can stay under my 45lb goal.  But it will be ok if I don't.  I gained about 55lbs with my son and lost it all.  I know I'll lose whatever I gain.

All DS's old baby clothes!
There's def some gaps, but nothing too terrible.
Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. But I do love being hugely pregnant.  I love the way my bump looks.  I think it's cuter than most!  And although the comments on my largeness get to me when I'm not in the mood, I'd prefer the comments on how big I am rather than people saying I hardly look pregnant.  I love the way I look now!

Labor signs?  It's not been uncommon to have BH contractions while working out, but lately they start within the first ten minutes and continue the entire time.  It actually makes me even happier I'm able to still work out.  I'm even working out my uterus!  I hope this means my next labor is quicker!

Food Cravings? Still loving lemonade, pizza, and other junk food, but trying to fill up on salad beforehand so I at least don't eat as much.

What I'm looking forward too? Now that I've finally started very slowly getting ready for the baby, I'm looking forward even more to his arrival!  I can't wait to have a baby to put in all these cute baby clothes!

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