Thursday, November 8, 2012

32 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How Far Along? 32 weeks! I'm due 1/3 so we're at well under 2 months to go by the calender.  I really need to, you know, start getting baby things ready!

Any Pregnancy News? This weekend I did a detailed post containing the results of my fetal growth ultrasound, Big Baby, Bad Position. The title pretty much says it all, however, there's still more than enough room for hope.  The baby's body measured exactly average, but the head measured just about 4 weeks ahead.  Disproportionate head size is only a health issue when the head is measuring too small, so the good thing is that he's healthy.  The bad is his weight is already estimated at 4lbs.  The carefree OB assured me it's far to early to worry about needing an early induction, but considering my terrible reaction to pitocin during the birth of my son, I started to worry.  At the very least, I need to get this baby into a good position (yes, yes, I know he has plenty of time to move). So, I finally took extreme measures.

31weeks w DS in Blue - 29w3d this preg in white.  Seems bigger this time!
I promise to take some current belly pics for next week!
I went to see a chiropractor!  I started by conducting a search of chiropractors certified in the webster technique in my area.  I wasn't necessarily looking to have that technique done, but figured someone certified in it would have experience with pregnant women. I found two within reasonable driving distance.  I picked the closest one and was satisfied he was what I was looking for from his website, but I also started asking around about him.  It turns out he's fairly well known in the area and I got lots of good reviews.  My first appointment with him was yesterday morning, and I was happy that he shared my views on birth.  I kind of feel like I have no IRL cheerleaders or birth supporters, and it was nice to have one person say they thought I could do it.  After the initial exam I was kind of disappointed to hear I had no major issues and am actually aligned pretty well.  I was hoping he'd say there was some sort of fixable problem and the baby would pop right into position now that it was fixed. HA!  He made some minor adjustments that I barely felt, and claimed to loosen my round ligament muscles.  I left feeling exactly the same as when I'd gone in.  Later, during my afternoon workout on the gym treadmill I started to really feel those round ligament muscles stretching.  The baby has been more active, so now I'm pleased with the results.  He suggested I return in a week, but due to financial restrictions and travel plans, I'll be back in 3 weeks.

Position of the baby? I can never tell!  Sometimes I can, but after a while he moves again.  He moves all the time which is both annoying and reassuring.  I hate not knowing how he's positioned, but the fact that he's moving so much leaves me optimistic that he will eventually settle into a birth friendly position.

Sleep? Generally ok if I stay on my side through the night, but sometimes I roll onto my back in my sleep.  If that happens I end up moaning my way out of bed, and am so achy the next day.

Movement? Lots of movement!  For months I've been thinking this baby doesn't move as much as my son did, but sometimes I wonder if I only remember how much my son moved at the end of pregnancy.  This kid's movement is really picking up!

Weight gain? 161.6 this morning.  Still no weight gain! So weird! It's been 3 weeks with no weight gain.  Of course, it makes me worry, but the baby is still moving lots and I just had an ultrasound so it's hard to worry too much.  It's just so odd, though.  I promise I'm eating a ton!
Before and after pic's of our former junk room and new guestroom. 
It's been a long time coming!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. And lately I miss my regular hormones.  I've been lonely the last two days, and mostly because I don't go anywhere or talk to anyone.  It's frustrating because I know if I got more social interaction I'd feel better, but I only feel like sitting at home feeling sorry for myself. ugh!  I know it's just hormones, and I have at least been productive while sitting at home, but next week I really need to get out more.

Labor signs? I had some real strong Braxton Hicks contractions this week!  I know it's early to be celebrating, but I'm hoping my uterus performs a bit better (QUICKER) this birth.  I always take BH contractions as a sign that it's in training for the big task ahead.

Food Cravings? McDonalds new holiday mint mcflurry.  I've only had one, but I think about it every day. lol.

What I'm looking forward too?  I love these magical years where I'm birthing and raising babies and small children, but I can't help but look forward to my 40s.  Teenage boys, school activities, endless caffeine if I want, endless alcohol if I want, able to work out as hard as I want, and sleep!  My body will be my own, and I'm looking forward to that though I don't want these years to go by too fast either.

That's all for this week! Sorry I didn't get around to any belly pics, but check out my Halloween Belly pics from last week.  I had a pumpkin painted on my belly.  It was too cute!  Belly pic's next week, for sure!

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