Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 week update

How Far Along? 31 weeks! How did I get this far! Seems like so little time is left! Not nervous, just excited ;)

Any Pregnancy news? Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Why? My super duper important growth scan is tomorrow! That's what it's all hanging on at this point.  To recap, I was diagnosed with undiagnosed GD through an unusual (or maybe not that unusual) set of circumstances.  I don't think that's accurate.  I've been testing my blood sugar twice a week for 2 weeks and never gotten a result that indicates GD.  That, combined with a normal growth scan, should prove I don't have GD and set me up for the natural birth I'm hoping for.  It will still be possible to have a natural birth with GD, but more difficult.  At last belly measurement I measured 4 weeks ahead, however, I also measured that large with my son and he was only 7lbs 4oz when he was born at 41 weeks.  His growth scan was done earlier, but inaccurately showed he was 1 week ahead.  So, even if the scan does show this baby is a bit larger, I'm not sure I'll believe it.  Oh, I could go back and forth all day! What if it shows he's 4 weeks ahead just like my belly? I'd be more likely to believe that, and what would that mean for me avoiding induction?  This is how my whole week has been!  Just rolling around among the possibilities.

The stretch marks are scarier than the pumpkin! ;)

Position of the baby? This scan will also verify the baby has turned head down.  Yet another thing that could effect the birth.  eek!  I'm even more confident then I was last week that the baby is head down.  I've googled some different belly mapping techniques, and though I'm not a very visual learner I got it down in about an hour.  Now every time the baby moves I can visualize his position.  I'm not sure I'm doing so accurately, but we'll find out tomorrow.  I've been doing well staying in gravity friendly positions, but I've been terribly lazy about inversions.  I'm not sure I've done more than 3 this week.  If any one's getting nervous about a possible breach baby, I highly recommend the spinning babies program. So many great tips!

Maternity Clothes? Why are all my maternity shirts so short! That's all I have to say about maternity clothes at the moment ;)

Weight Gain? What the heck? I didn't gain any weight again this week. What is up with that? Good thing the baby is moving so much otherwise I'd be freaking out.  So, still at 30lbs gained.  I ended up walking 22miles last week which kept it down, but this week the hurricane closed the gym on monday.  Yesterday we were occupied with multiple Halloween activities so I wasn't able to go again.  Maybe next week I'll start increasing again? I guess I'll mention it to the doc tomorrow if I remember.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second childAside from that, I've actually had a great week!  I've really been appreciative of this time as a stay at home mom with my son.  The weather has been great (up until the massive frankenstorm) and we've just hung out all day playing and staying busy.  Halloween was exhausting, but so much fun!  I wish I had my second child with us to enjoy it, and I can't wait for this baby to arrive.  I love being a mom and I'm so ready for another child.

This was last week, a blurry 30 weeks!
Labor signs? I haven't had hardly any contractions this week, but sometimes I get the feeling that I'm having mild ones and just not feeling them.  Sometimes my belly gets really tight and my back hurts, but I never feel the actual contraction.  I rarely had BH contractions my first pregnancy and then had a super long birth.  I'm hoping in a few weeks I'm having them a lot more to maybe help shorten labor.  We'll see!

Movement? Even stronger than last week.  This entire pregnancy I've been thinking this baby doesn't move as much as my son did, but now I'm thinking maybe I just remember what movement felt like the last months and have been unfairly comparing the too.  This baby might not move as often, but his movements seem stronger!

Sleep? It's this week that I've come to realize I was more tired during the 2nd trimester than I cared to admit.  I didn't have the daily exhaustion of the 1st trimester, so I thought I was better.  But now I realize I couldn't get up in the middle of the night if my son woke up, and I often couldn't get up in the morning and DH had to do everything.  Especially these last two weeks my sleep has gotten a lot better.  It's not so hard for me to get up at night or stay up if necessary, and though I'm tired in the mornings it's not the overwhelming sleepiness I had for so long.

Food cravings? I could not get enough ground beef yesterday.  I had a ground beef containing casserole for lunch and then needed hamburger helper for dinner.  Then I still felt like I hadn't eaten anything all day!  McDonalds is advertising some sort of holiday mint ice cream concoction which sounds delicious.  Oddly, after having a large salad almost every day for the whole pregnancy, I haven't really desired them at all this week.  I think I might be done with them.  I hope I get back into it because they're healthy!

What I'm looking forward too?  It's finally late enough that I feel comfortable getting out DS's old baby clothes and beginning at least the list making part of getting ready for a new baby.  It's still a bit early though, but luckily I'm still finishing up some painting in our guest room which is occupying my free time.  It won't be long before I feel like I'm behind in preparations, but I won't be.  Realistically, I probably have between 8-10 weeks left to prepare.  That's a long time when I'm so eager!

Hope Everyone had a Happy Halloween!


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