Thursday, October 25, 2012

30 weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

How Far Along? 30 weeks. In the 30s! So exciting!

Any pregnancy news? Last week I posted all about my appointment where I was diagnosed with undiagnosed GD.  At first my OB assigned me to test my blood sugar 4 times a day, but after only two days we realized my sugars aren't a problem at all.  So, now I'm down to just twice a day to verify there's no problem.  I'm DESPERATELY waiting for my growth scan next friday.  If the baby is a normal size, that will eliminate the last remaining symptom and I will argue heavily to be cleared.  Most likely I will not be able to get that off my chart even if there's no problem with sugars, an average sized baby, and no indication of GD whatsoever.  It will make my birth more difficult because the doctors may feel the need to do more interventions in the name of my 'higher risk', but I'm not that worried about it.  I'm going to stay home until the last possible minute, and hopefully I'll either have the baby in the car or get there just in time.  An imperfect plan since the baby is currently breech and I've yet to be tested for group B strep, but it's been keeping me stress-free for the moment.  My hospital isn't a horrible place.  I'm hopeful that even if I get there earlier, I'll still be able to get a safe birth.
Measuring 4 weeks ahead

Position of the baby? I really think I've been having success this week using the spinning babies techniques.  I've realized that I'm 'sucking it in' almost all the time.  My belly muscles are pulled tight almost all the time, even when I'm just chillin on the couch.  I've been frequently reminding myself to relax those muscles, and using the baby movements as an additional reminder.  Whenever he moves I remind myself to relax.  I think this, and always sitting up straight/staying off my back, has let him move back to transverse (sideways).  I'm hopeful he'll be head down before the growth scan.  If he's not head down by the scan, I'll be phoning a chiropractor certified in the webster technique that same day.  I've never been to one and scared to start while pregnant, but it's best for baby to be born naturally so I've got to get over my fears!  I've also continued to do inversions at least once a day.

Maternity clothes? No real change here.  Although I did discover that my cousin's previously unwearable maternity yoga pants ARE wearable if I wear my be band over them to hold them up.  They're a size too large and almost fit except for constantly falling down.  With the beband they fit wonderfully.  That means I have a second pair of maternity yoga pants. YES!

Weight Gain? 161.8, I only gained .8lbs this week, bringing my total weight gain to 31.8lbs. That's weird! I have been doing A LOT of walking, but I'm still surprised it would make that much of a difference.  At this point the baby is supposed to be gaining a pound a week.  You'd think I'd really start to pack it on, but I suppose I'm happy with that since my goal is to stay under 45lbs gained.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second childI'm missing beer again as well.  We watch a lot of sports and there are so many beer commercials!  Even if I'm perfectly happy in a non-drinking situation, those commercials stop me in my tracks. It'd be so nice to relax with a Guiness or other slow drinking beer.  It's times like this I remember to enjoy where I'm at now, and look forward to my 40s. lol.

Labor Signs? On tuesday I walked 5miles over the rolling hills in town instead of on the treadmill and REALLY overdid it.  My entire abdomin was in so much pain!  The pain gradually went away after a while, and was completely gone after I put DS to bed that night.  Then I was sure the baby had finally flipped which would've explained all the pain, but the next morning I thought either he flipped back or more likely he'd remained breech the whole time.  So much pain and it was all for nothing! I was so bummed.

Movement? Movement's have gotten a lot stronger, and because he's breech this means he's kicking my organs. It's not painful as much as super intense and just powerful!

Food cravings? I've been avoiding sugar for such a long time I finally caved and had a whole box of christmas tree cakes. Eek! Not a healthy snack!  The good thing about finishing the box is they're all gone now.  Still been wanting lots of lemonade, but haven't indulged that much at all.

What I'm looking forward too? Still reading lots of birth stories and have been really enjoying them this week.  Last week they were kind of tedious, but this week I've read a few that really resonated with me.  There was one by a woman who had two extrememly long births, and then her third labor was only 45min from start to finish. I know it's only my second, but I'm really hoping for a shorter labor this time!  I feel like it's possible if I could just get this silly baby into position.  Luckily, there's still lots of time.  I had a great dream this week that my baby was born today at exactly 30 weeks and was a perfectly healthy 5lbs.  The doctors couldn't believe it!  The birth experience was great and I woke up still with the image of this baby's face in my mind.  I was sad to still be pregnant, but happy with such a good omen.  I hope in ten weeks I'm celebrating a great experience similar to that dream.


  1. A word on seeing a chiropractor....I went for the first time ever at 26 weeks. I'm almost 29 weeks now, and I have to say, it's been a fabulous experience. It's completely safe during pregnancy, and it's helping a great deal with the SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction) that I'm dealing with.

    1. I hope to go no matter what, but we'll see how things play out at the scan. My DH is against it for several reasons, but I think I'm slowly wearing him down ;)

  2. Nice picture!! What are the benefits of spinning baby techniques?
     week by week pregnancy 

  3. I loved being pregnant too.....yes and all the smell and food aversions as wlell as the CONSTANT OCD WORRY as a. Hospital hater and "i havent taken any OTC medicine, let alone a aspirin In adecade....yes I probably wore my DH down as well...