Thursday, October 11, 2012

28 Weeks - 3rd Trimester Update

How Far Along? 28 weeks, the beginning of the 3rd trimester. I made it! This was the last milestone I was looking forward to this pregnancy. Next milestone is the birth!

Any Pregnancy News? My appt is this week. Last week I talked about how I refused to take the 3hr GD test since I passed the 1hr (only by 4pts).  This week I guess I should explain why I'm going to be refusing the 28 week rhogam shot.  Rhogam isn't a vaccine, it's a blood product, and I consider it to be very safe.  It's a blood product made from special blood donors for the purpose of preventing an RH- blood type woman from developing antibodies to RH+ blood types.  If I were to develop antibodies, my body would attack the blood of any RH+ unborn child and cause major pregnancy complications if not end the pregnancy.  It's recommended that the shot be given within 48-72hrs of the mother/baby's blood mixing to prevent the mothers bodies from making antibodies.  Since the only chance of blood mixing is at the birth (assuming there is no major trauma like a car accident) I choose wait until after the birth to get the product.  Although I consider it to be a very safe blood product, I prefer not to expose the baby to it.  Some of my aunts are also RH- and have done it this way as well.  I got the shot after the birth of my son, after he was confirmed to be RH+, and after my miscarriage.  This is my 3rd pregnancy and my blood tests still show no antibodies.  My method works, and it's the way it was done by all RH- pregnant women through the 90s until recently when they started recommending the shot at 28weeks.  Honestly, I think both options are extremely safe.  It just comes down to personal preference and family experience.  My family has always gotten it after the birth, so that's what I do too. The only thing that's a pain is having one more thing to refuse at the the OB office. I feel like I'm a terrible patient to constantly be questioning her!

Position of the baby? I kind of gave up on any hope of him turning this week because I decided to do the 7 day treatment for yeast infection.  I've always heard that babies will never turn head down while a woman is being treated for yeast infection, and even that some properly positioned babies will turn breech when a woman starts treatment.  There's no scientific evidence to support this, it's just something I've seen discussed multiple times online.  Imagine my surprise when he seemed to turn on tuesday. While he's still not perfectly vertical, his head is generally on one hip or the other and his feet kick the top or sides of my belly. Last night was the last day of treatment, so I'm very pleased, and hopeful this baby will be in the right position at birth, even if he flip flops a few more times before then.

Maternity clothes? Somehow I only have two pairs of maternity pants that fit, and my shirt options are decreasing everyday. It's the first day of the 3rd trimester and already I have so many shirts that are just too short. So annoying!

Weight Gain? 160. Up 30lbs! Gained 3lbs this week.  I've been gaining 2/week, so I hope not running doesn't bump it up to 3/week.  Watching the scale increase is tough! Running is finally a thing of the past. I'm still on the treadmill almost everyday, but I can't run. I either get severe pubic bone pain or intense contractions or my belly/back/pelvis just screams to stop. My body is saying it's over, and I'm listening. For now, I'm doing a brisk walk at a 5% incline for 60min, and then a lower incline for a bit longer.  I'd like to walk for 2hrs, but that doesn't always happen.

23 weeks with DS, 28 weeks this pregnancy, and 32 weeks with DS.  Seems about the same to me!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I've been craving caffeine lately, and while I'm keeping to my limit of 150mg a day, it'd be nice to just go wild one day just because it's what I want.  Sadly, with breastfeeding it could possibily be years before I can indulge in such an unhealthy way. Probably a good thing, but it leaves me feeling that I'm not in control of my own body and I don't like that feeling.

Labor signs? Hardly anything this week. I don't think I've even had 10 contractions this week. YAY!

Movement? Sometimes I can feel every bit of this baby's movements so well I wonder if I'm going to have a more painful labor. It just seems unusual to feel every part of him. When he moves I can even feel bubble-like fluid swirling from one area to the next. I probably won't mention it to my doc because we won't have time at our next appointment with so much other stuff to discuss, but I am curious.

Food Cravings? I did have a milkshake this week, but I'm trying not to indulge in too much sweets since my weight gain is already so high. Though I'm trying to cut down on sweets and sweet drinks, spicy food is still on the menu!

What I'm looking forward too?  Only read 13 birth stories this week. My first pregnancy I read the majority of them at work, I can't believe not working is such an obstacle to birth story reading. That's such a big part of preparing for birth, I've got to get better! My goal is still 50/week, and I have lots of time before the birth to figure out a better routine. I'm also looking forward to sorting through all DS's old baby clothes, seeing what we still need, making lists, and really getting read for baby. I can't wait for him to arrive!

That's it for this week! So happy and thankful to be in the 3rd trimester.

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