Thursday, October 4, 2012

27 Week Update!

How Far Along? 27 weeks! Only a week left until that 28week milestone! I've been so lazy about belly pics recently, and it's huge! I promise to get some good pics this week.

Any Pregnancy News? The GD test saga continues. You can read about it in my last week's post, but I'll try to sum up. Last week my doc said since I only passed my 1hr Gestational Diabetes test by 4pts that I needed to watch my diet and she would discuss the results with me at my next appointment.  Well, this week the office called me and said that since my doctor had reviewed my chart more she thought I should take the 3hr test. I was like, "  I'm not doing that." lol. I hate being a terrible patient, but I know I don't have GD.  The 1hr test made me so sick, I'm not going to endure the 3hr test. I'll probably pass out or something. Luckily my doc is used to me refusing things and said we will discuss at my next appt and maybe do some extra monitoring.  Considering my weight gain, I'm not opposed to going back on metformin (diabetes medication I used to treat infertility and reduce risk of miscarriage, both caused by the fertility condition PCOS.  Stopped at 20 weeks).  Humorously, my next appointment is also the one at which I'll be refusing my rhogam shot.  I'll go into my reasons more next week, but I really do feel bad being such a difficult patient!

Position of the baby? This week he's been head down a few times and I consider that somewhat of a victory, but he's never straight vertical.  When he goes head down his head is on my right hip, and his but is on the upper left part of my belly.  I can push on his butt and feel it on my right hip.  Generally, though, he'll end up happily in the transverse position.  I have an untreated yeast infection that I've been managing with natural methods, and I'm wondering if he won't put his head there because of that. I've heard a few women say that happened to them. I think I may have to cave and go with the expensive meds. I'm still doing inversions and following a lot of the other recommendations from the spinning babies program, and I actually credit some of those exercises with stopping my contractions on tuesday.

Maternity clothes? yes! All maternity, all the time. I was thinking of cutting out this category, but soon we'll be to the part where even maternity clothes don't fit. So, I'll keep it in for now.

Weight Gain? Up 27lbs! Still gaining 2lbs a week.  It's definitely starting to upset me, but I have to remember I gained 50lbs with my son's pregnancy.  I'm on track to do that again.  I lost it all last time, and I'll do it again! There's really not much else I could be doing to avoid it. I'm exercising and eating well. If I went any further I'd be limiting calories.

Sleep? No problems there! I have been needing more sleep than usual, and DH has been amazing getting up with DS many mornings so I can sleep in an extra hour.  I feel bad about it though.  He works really hard so I can stay home.  If one of us has to be tired, it makes more sense if it's the person who stays home.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. My running has really gone downhill.  Unfortunately, it seems like the better the baby's position, but worse my running goes. When he's transverse everything's great, and when he's head down I have lots of pain and even contractions. I couldn't run at all last night because he was in that position.

Labor signs? I def had regular contractions after running on tuesday night. I knew they weren't serious, because they weren't that tight although they were long and painful.  They didn't go away with water, but they did go away almost immediately after I started eating.  I think I didn't eat enough during the day before my exercise and it was a bit much for my body.

DS contemplating the baby chickens last week at a local organic farm
Movement? Sometimes I can feel every bit of this baby's movements so well I wonder if I'm going to have a more painful labor.  It just seems unusual to feel every part of him.  When he moves I can even feel bubble-like fluid swirling from one area to the next.  I probably won't mention it to my doc because we won't have time at our next appointment with so much other stuff to discuss, but I am curious.

Food cravings? Not really.  In fact, I'm wondering where my appetite has gone. I think it might be just because he's bigger and my stomach is smaller. Because of my questionable GD results, I've been sure to eat breakfast everyday.  I think that's helped, but I have no idea!

What I'm looking forward too? I couldn't resist anymore and did start reading birth stories this week.  I can't believe I only had time to read 7! I was hoping to read 50 or more a week in preparation for the birth.  Now, I'm kind of glad I started this early so I can change my schedule a bit in order to read more.  They're so helpful for me to emotionally prepare for the birth.  That's where I learned the most about different complications and what they normally lead to. Even though I'm going to have a hospital birth, I read all types of stories.  Home birth stories are just as educational because the women can talk about how they got through transition and the feeling of pushing.  There aren't very many natural hospital birth stories, so home birth stories really help with emotional preparation for such a huge task.

That's it for this week! I feel so close to the 3rd trimester. I want to be there already!

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  1. Kudos to you for not just going with everything the doc says! You have to do what's right for your body. Glad to see things are going well!