Thursday, September 20, 2012

25 weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

I love how this pic turned out!
How Far Along? - 25 weeks! While getting to 24 weeks felt like the pregnancy was going so fast, now I'm eager to get to 28weeks and into the 30s.  I can't wait to start preparing for birth. I can't wait to have a baby!

Any Pregnancy News? Last weekend the baby briefly turned head down. He was that was for about 3 days, and while I'd been waiting for that to happen to resolve my mild hip pain, it made everything so much worse! Hip pain was much worse, and that's when I started peeing myself. Not just a sneeze tinkle, but having pee accidents like a 3yr old. Ugh.  I started wearing maxi pads for some protection.  Luckily I had an OB appt on tues, and she said it's most likely because my son sat at +2 station (very low) for 3 weeks before his birth.  She thinks I'm very stretched out down there, so I may have some late term symptoms much earlier than most.  She also thinks I'm at risk of having bladder issues later in life.  I know a lot of people would be upset, but it just doesn't seem that bad. Even if I'll have a lifetime of incontinence, it seems totally worth it to get to have another baby. Things got a little better after he went back to transverse, but I'm still peeing myself a lot more than I was before the event. I still wish he'd go back to head down even though it causes tough symptoms, I know he has lots of time, but a breech baby would put a serious dent in my plans for natural labor.  I'd like him to go head down just for peace of mind.

Maternity clothes? Finally outgrew my size up running shorts. I can still wear my oversized gym shorts, but they have to sit so low I feel like they need something underneath.  My mom got me some maternity capri leggings, and they will do for now.  I wish I was brave enough to just do the leggings without the shorts, but I'm not!

Weight Gain? I lost a pound this week. Where did my appetite go? I swear I just have not been hungry at all.  Despite not eating, I have been drinking more water which makes me feel better about it. Even with losing a pound I'm still up 24lbs from pre-pregnancy.  I'm curious if I have a chance of keeping my total weight gain under 45lbs.  I still don't think that's possible, but losing a pound gives me hope.  I didn't run as much this week and am curious if perhaps that's responsible for my lack of appetite.

Sleep? I do have a few wake ups, and toss and turn, but overall I'm happy with my quality of sleep.  I think the biggest problem this week has been trying to keep DS's room a constant temperature.  He's been getting cold, waking up, and hopping in our bed pretty often and that pretty much ruins sleep for the night.

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I haven't been running very well, and I miss that.  But, I hope it's just a temporary thing and I can return to my former glory ;)
Labor signs? I think I've been getting more BH contractions, but if so, they've been really mild. I greet everyone with the hope that this time I'll have a shorter labor than I did with my son's birth!

Movement? um...YES! a lot. Geez this kid feels huge! That's how I know his position. Instead of lots of rolling movement, he kicks and punches and I can tell where his arms and legs are. I can already tell, still transverse this morning!

Food Cravings? Oh man, do I want cinnabon cinnamon rolls. I had my GD test this week (still don't have the results) and have been waiting to indulge this craving until afterwards to avoid sugar overload.  Since we don't have a cinnabon here, I'm not sure if I'll just get some giant walmart bakery cinnamon rolls or see what the grocery store has.

What I'm looking forward too? Like I said earlier, I'm already looking forward to being more pregnant! I want the baby to move to head down, feel even stronger kicks, get an even bigger belly, and be even more pregnant. I love being pregnant!

Baby Prep Accomplishments? I finished moving DS's clothes from the baby dresser to his big kid dresser, and that's it. It only took me 15minutes. lol. I keep saying it, but this time I'm REALLY going to start to paint the guest room this week.

That's all for this week!

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  1. margaret, CONGRATS ON BNT...{baby number three}!!!!!
    I want and will write more....battery, icon on phone is blinking...
    You are a strong woman, assertive and loved your recent post about your sons 49hr JUST KNEW..YOU KNEW HE WAS ALRIGHT!!! Intuition is amazing, isn't it??
    Pitocin...bleeckk I have personal thoughts I would definitely like to speak out about...Looking forward to discussing pit and your VISION for this birth!! Sooooo cool that you are jazzed and happy!!, yeah!! Good good endorphins for baby!!