Thursday, September 13, 2012

24 weeks! Viability!

How Far Along? 24 weeks! yay! A significant milestone for me. In my small town hospital, they will make no effort to save a baby until 24 weeks.  They will not make any effort to stop labor or hospital bedrest before 24 weeks.  I have a healthy pregnancy, but it's still a relief to know that now if anything goes wrong, I will receive treatment instead of an apology.
I have to quit taking belly pics
at work at 2am. Not pretty!

Any pregnancy news? It was such a busy week. MIL visited over the weekend and then my mom arrived on tuesday and left this morning. I was going to take DS to library storytime, but he slept so late we're going to enjoy a much needed lazy morning. In bloggy news, I posted about my experience with Secondary Infertility.  My next OB appt is on tuesday and I'll be happy to get my GD test done maybe on friday.  I know my fundus will be measuring large for dates, so it will be a relief to rule out GD. Oh, and how can I forget, WE DECIDED ON A NAME! I didn't realize how much stress that was causing me until it was gone. We won't be revealing the name to anyone until the birth, but I love it and I'm so excited we have it!

Maternity clothes? Mom bought me a pair of maternity yoga pants. YAY! That may be the most exciting news of the pregnancy. lol. Also some leggings that might work for running. I know I could run in yoga pants, but then they'd be all sweaty and unavailable the rest of the time. I want to wear them all the time!

Weight Gain? 25lbs! That's up 4lbs from last week.  We went out to eat 5 times already this week, so I think it's partly from that, and partly from pregnancy and the baby growing.  It would be easy for me to freak out, but I know I gain a lot during pregnancy. It's just how my body works.  I haven't been eating cinnabon's or a lot of sugary foods like last pregnancy, and it seems like I'm still gaining just as much or more.  It will be quite the challenge to lose it this summer!
On the treadmill last week

Sleep? I've been dreaming a lot this week which I consider to be not as restful sleep, and I often wake on my back or some other uncomfortable position and have to move.  It's certainly tolerable, but I think I've said goodbye to comfortable sleep for this pregnancy. It's about time, I think I was lucky to make it this far!

Gender? It's a boy!

What I miss? I always miss my second child. Fall has hit here in the mountains and all the microbreweries are coming out with their fall brews.  I really want to try them! But fall will be here again next year, and I'll have two kids!

Labor signs? Not really, a few BH contractions and thats it! Yay! Still a few more months to go.

Movement? I haven't used my doppler in forever because I feel LO move so much.  It's great! I still worry because he doesn't move as much as DS, but his movements are so much stronger even though they don't occur as often. I kinda get this feeling this little guy is a bulldog. lol.

Food Cravings? I had my first milkshake last night. Oh geez. I was purposefully not having them because I knew how much I'd love it.  I have a glass of chocolate milk almost everyday, and that's been so satisfying, but now that I've had a milkshake I don't know if I'll be able to resist! Hopefully just being fiscally responsible will help me at least limit them.

What I'm looking forward too? When my mom was here she recalled DS's first time eating a potato chip.  He liked it, but with every bite was so surprised by the crunchy sound.  It was so funny to watch! I can't wait to build memories like that with my new baby.  I can't wait til baby gets older and see how he interacts with DS.

Silly Faces!
Baby Prep Accomplishments? We had so many visitors this week I could barely keep the house clean. Tomorrow while DS is at preschool I'm still going to clean, but this weekend I want to start prepping the guest room to be painted. It will also serve as a playroom and multi-purpose staging area for us, so I want to get it looking nice. Our upstairs laundry room comes off it as well as the upstairs deck, and it's the only room upstairs with a TV, so I think we'll be in there even more than we think once baby arrives.

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