Thursday, September 6, 2012

23 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How Far Along - 23 weeks! It's really starting to fly by.  Part of it makes me sad, but I can't wait for my belly to get even bigger and the more I feel the baby move the more I want to meet him.

Any Pregnancy News? - I turned 30 this week! Earlier this week I posted on The Big 3-0, Marriage, Mommyhood, and Miscarriage.  It was good to take a moment to reflect.  I didn't receive a single wrapped gift, (DH did take me out to a wonderful dinner) and that was kind of nice as well. I think your 30s are about supporting your family more than receiving anything or expectations.  I've been doing great running, and now that the weather is cooler I've been able to walk with DS in the stroller more often. I've been keeping track of my mileage and hope to go 100 miles in September!

Maternity Clothes? - T-shirts are starting to be too short. I could wear larger ones, but I really hate how they look.  I really want this shirt from Running for Two fitness, but I can't find any used ones on ebay and I have no hope of affording it. boo! So I'm currently running in some Old Navy maternity shirts I used as undershirts when I worked during my first pregnancy.  They're not in the best condition, but they're still comfortable to run in.

Weight Gain? - I'm now up 21 pounds from pre-pregnancy. It's tough to pass both the 20lb mark, and the 150lb mark in the same week.  When I passed 150 during my first pregnancy I stopped keeping track of my weight. I'd like to continue this time, but it's still hard.  While I feel very attractive and happy with my body right now, I dread coming home with that incredibly fat, ugly, post birth body. UGH!  I know it resolves itself very quickly, but it's just so terrible looking! The good thing is I get to enjoy almost 4 more months of the weight looking good before that brief time when it looks bad.

Sleep? - Ever get stuck in that place between awake and asleep? Too asleep to get up, but still aware that you're in bed?  I swear I get in this state for hours each night. Once I put DS back to sleep and then just layed in bed with him for 3hrs before going back to my own bed for some real sleep.  Then last night I had to pee, but not enough to get up. So I just neither slept, nor peed for over an hour.  Kind of annoying, but I'm feeling good during my days.  Luckily the weird sleep isn't leaving me exhausted.

Movement? - It used to be that after I ran, the little baby would get so low that I couldn't feel him.  It'd appear to me that he wasn't moving after I ran, but once I started listening to him on the doppler I could tell he was moving a lot.  I just couldn't feel it because of his position. But now he's so big! I can feel how big he is, and now I feel him all the time. He even moves while I'm running which is so weird.

What I miss? I always miss my second child. Um...that's it. This week I'm running further than I ever have in my life.  I feel great. I think I look great. I love being pregnant!

Food Cravings? This week I ran out of Cliff Bars.  I didn't realize I couldn't live without them until I didn't have them. It was horrible! I'd rapidly go back and forth between starving and overly full all day.  I was never satisfied, and I kind of blame my increased weight gain this week on the 3 days I didn't have them. The last two days I've had one with breakfast each day and my tummy is so much happier.  I wasn't going to by more due to the expense, but now I think they're worth it!

What I'm looking forward too?  Meeting my baby! DS is getting so big. Today was his first day of preschool.  I don't want him to go back to the way he was, I love all the progress he's made and watching him grow, but I do want another baby.  I can't wait!
1st Day of Preschool

Baby Prep Accomplishments? Now that DS is in preschool I'm excited about how much I will accomplish.  Since I sleep on monday mornings due to my crazy weekend work schedule. I'll only get to work while he's there on wednesdays and fridays, but that's still 6hrs a week just on getting the house together.  As soon as I get the place CLEAN I'm going to start painting the guest room.  DS's room is now ready to receive a little brother, but we need to finish the guest room because it has the only TV upstairs and we'll also be having some family come stay after the birth to help out.  I just want that room finished for more living space.  After making so much progress while he was at school today, I'm excited about everything I'll be able to accomplish in the coming months.

That's all for this week!

A rare shot of my DH :)

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