Thursday, August 30, 2012

22 Weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

How far along? 22 weeks! What's viability? 24 weeks?  Of course I intend to be pregnant for much longer, but once you hit viability our hospital will send you straight to L&D rather than keep you in the ER for pregnancy related issues. Avoiding the ER is always good, although I hope to avoid the hospital entirely utnil the the birth (wouldn't mind avoiding it then as well. lol).

My first naked belly pic! Whoa!
Any pregnancy news? Last weeks contraction, running updates, and crazy hormones were covered last week in this post.  Last week I was having issues swelling after eating salty foods, but I've increased my water intake and lessened the salt and seem ok. Had a strange lotiony discharge yesterday and went to the OB to have it checked out. It's a yeast infection, and only 10 days since I finished my BV treatment! Ugh, Glad it's minor, though.  Mon/tues I ran 4miles a day without any walking breaks and felt great, then yesterday I could barely walk 3miles.  I guess it's the typical ups and downs of pregnancy. I'm taking today off and will try again tomorrow. 

Maternity clothes? I'm still uncomfortably in my prepreg sweat pants, PJ pants, and gym T-shirts, but that's it. Pretty much all maternity, all the time. Still not big enough in the shoulders to fit into the maternity shirts I had with DS. It's weird because I'm pretty much in line with how much I weighed at this point back then. A lot!

Weight gain? Didn't gain any weight this week. PHEW! So, that means I'm still up 17lbs.  It's a lot, but I'm glad it's slowing down a bit.

Sleep? It's been good. Sleeping deeply with usually only one potty break at night, and I'm generally am able to get right back to sleep.  The only issue has been my crazy weekend PT job.  Because it's 3rd shift and I still have to watch DS during the day, I generally go 48hrs with only 3hr sleep.  We're trying to find a way for me to quit, but it just doesn't look like that's going to happen.

Movement? Thank goodness I have my doppler. Somedays he moves a lot, and somedays I hardly feel him. On those slow days, it's great to listen to the heartbeat and know all is well.

What I miss? I always miss my second child. Today I saw an Oktoberfest beer in the store and was excited for a brief moment before I remembered I won't be partaking this season. Enh, I'd rather be pregnant.

Food cravings? French fries with barbecue sauce, chinese food, and pizza. yum! I try to limit all of those, though. I'm enjoying making a big salad everyday with green leaf lettuce and lots of veggies.  It fills me up and I hope it replaces some of my unhealthier choices.

What I'm looking forward too? As more and more people learn of my pregnancy or are getting used to it, I'm looking forward to the excitment that comes near the end of the pregnancy.  The shock on peoples faces when they see how big I've grown.  Some people get annoyed, but I like constantly being asked when I'm due and if I feel like he's coming soon.  It makes me happy to know people are as excited as I am.

Baby Prep accomplishments? Last week I finished all the work that needed to be done in DS's room.  Next week he starts preschool! So exciting! It's only a few hours in the morning, 3 days a week, but I'm hoping I use the time without him to really work on the house.  I might use it to catch up on cleaning next week, and then the guest room still needs to be painted.  I'll be so happy to have all our renovations complete!

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