Thursday, August 23, 2012

21 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How far along? 21 weeks! Now I'm closer to the end than the beginning!  Of course, that's assuming this baby is no later than his big brother.  Isn't he cute! We got great profile pics at our ultrasound on friday.

Any pregnancy news? Had my 20 week anotomy scan last week! It went great and we were able to confirm boy. It was awesome. Also, Hardly any heart palpitations this week! Yay! This almost certainly means they were a side effect of stopping metformin.  We did get my thyroid tested and it was normal.  I also experienced my first Braxton Hicks contraction this week.  I covered those events and an update on my running efforts earlier in the week in this post.  My latest issue is swelling after eating salty foods.  I never swelled in my son's pregnancy at all, so not only is it surprising to have swelling issues, but to have them so early is disappointing!  I think part of the issue is not drinking enough water in the morning.  I'm already dehydrated by the time I'm having the salty food.  I realize I also need to cut back, but I love salty!  So far all these odd symptoms haven't lasted very long, so I'm kinda thinking it will go away just as everything else has.

Maternity clothes? I'm still uncomfortably in my prepreg sweat pants, PJ pants, and gym T-shirts, but that's it.  Pretty much all maternity, all the time.  Still not big enough in the shoulders to fit into the maternity shirts I had with DS.  It's weird because I'm pretty much in line with how much I weighed at this point back then.  A lot!

Weight gain? Up 17lbs! Weight gain is out of control.  This is common after stopping metformin, but still depressing.  I'm eating healthy, I'm still running 4 miles a day, and the pounds are just packing on.  Hoping my metabolism soon adjusts and

Sleep? It's been good.  Sleeping deeply with usually only one potty break at night.  I generally am able to get right back to sleep.

Movement? Thank goodness I have my doppler.  Somedays he moves a lot, and somedays I hardly feel him.  On those slow days, it's great to listen to the heartbeat and know all is well.

What I miss? I always miss my second child. I was just thinking about how much I missed him yesterday, but I love being pregnant.  I was also thinking as difficult as it's been for us to get pregnant, I'm not sure I ever want to practice any kind of birth control again.  Not sure DH would ever agree to this plan!

Food cravings? French fries with barbecue sauce, Spicy V8 juice in the microwave w a beef bullion cube and a splash of soy sauce, pretzyls, pickles, and pretty much all things salty. Got to change my diet!

What I'm looking forward too? At this point not looking forward to the birth. My feelings about that go back and forth, but I am looking forward to more months of being pregnant. I'm curious how my health will be, and whether I can keep working and running.

Baby Prep accomplishments? I did fix up DS's room and I think we can pretty much declare that complete until it becomes a bit closer to January and it's time to get out DS's old clothes for the new baby.  The guest room still needs to be painted and in a few months it will be too cold to air out the room while I'm painting it.  I've really got to get on that, but it seems like such a big job so I'm struggling to find the motivation to get started.

That's all for this week!

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