Thursday, August 16, 2012

20 Weeks - Halfway through! Let's celebrate with Heart Palpitations!

How Far Along? - 20 Weeks. I'm halfway there! While I still have some definite apprehensions about the birth, I'm so looking forward to having a baby. Every time I see a baby when I'm out, I can't wait to have that again! 

Any Pregnancy News?  This week has been filled with a new and exhausting weekend work schedule that may be too much for me, as well as heart palpitations.  I've worked 3rd shift on Sat/Sun nights for over a year, but usually DS goes to a sitter on Sunday mornings so I can get a few hours sleep.  Since DS is about to start preschool, we can't afford that anymore.  This weekend was the first time I got up Saturday morning, stayed up all that night, all day Sunday, and all night Sunday, before getting a few hours Monday morning and then finally to bed Monday night.  It was REALLY rough.  I've been having heart palpitations throughout this pregnancy (the sensation that my heart is doing flipflops in my chest and I can't breath), but they really increased over the weekend.  I went to the doc Monday afternoon to investigate a possible UTI (turns out I just have BV, yuck), and I mentioned the heart palpitations saying I was having about 10-15 a day.  I was advised to keep a log of them over the next 4 days and we'd re-evaluate at my anatomy scan on Friday.  Turns out I was underestimating the total a bit.  I had 21 on Tuesday, and then only 8 yesterday on Wednesday.  I think I had at least 20 on Monday as well, so I'm concerned the lack of sleep is just too hard on me.  I'm concerned they may restrict me from going to the gym even though it doesn't seem to affect them, which would be sad because I love that so much.  They also mentioned the possibility of a wearable take home heart monitor for 24hrs. I hope not! All will be revealed at my appt tomorrow morning.
Maternity clothes? Thank goodness my mom took me shopping last week for maternity clothes.  It's been great always having clothes that fit this week after having an "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" clothes crisis every morning for the last month.

Weight gain? 13lbs. Wowza! 3lbs in a week! But, I'm totally off metformin now.  So far, every time I've reduced my dose I've gained a few pounds really quickly.  Hopefully now that I'm completely off it my weight gain will slow just a little bit.  I'm 2lbs under where I was at this point in my son's pregnancy, but I was off metformin 6 weeks sooner that time.

Sleep? It's still good, but rolling over is now a more painful and weighty undertaking.

Movement? Enough to let me know baby's still kicking, but like all mom's I do worry if he's moving enough or as much as others.  I feel movement at least 5 or 6 times a day.
Gender? It's a boy! So says the NT scan. Will be nice to have a confirmation on August 17th.  That's tomorrow!
What I miss? I'll always miss my second child.  Being halfway there really gives me confidence, but having the heart palpitations makes me nervous about how the birth experience will be.  After researching for my post on pitocin last week, I'm especially wanting to avoid any kind of induction.
Food cravings? Been eating everything in sight! Maybe that's the real reason for the 3lb gain. lol. 
Aversions? At this point I can't believe there's something I wouldn't eat.
Labor signs?  Nothing this week! Though I mentioned last week I may have had some BH contractions then.

What I'm looking forward too?  Last week I was all about mentally preparing for the birth.  I think I did a little of that with my research this week.  Now I'm more ready to take a break, and look forward to having a baby!  I was even looking forward to breastfeeding again which is something that I've been feeling anxious about up until this point.    

Baby prep accomplishments? The furniture in the guest room and DS's room is almost done being re-arranged.  Now DS's room is in serous need of some vacuuming, and just a bit of re-arranging needs to still be done in there.  I also want to move his clothes into his 'big boy' dresser so I can begin putting baby stuff in the baby dresser as they appear.

Pre-baby home improvement to do list:

  • A few more painting touchups, mostly covering scratches and marks on doors. (small jobs) DONE
  • clean out what will be the guest room (big job) Almost done
  • sell weight bench and treadmill (becoming a bigger job than it should) Done
  • paint over wood paneling in guest room (huge job, wood paneling in DS's room took 2 coats primer and 3 coats of paint)
  • rearrange all furniture upstairs to furnish the guest room and create more room in our bedroom and DS's room. Almost done

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