Thursday, August 9, 2012

19 Weeks - How I'm Feeling Update

How Far Along? - 19 weeks! yay! We're at the beach this week and having a great time!
Maternity clothes? Yep, just about all maternity, all the time, but I still can wear oversized gym shorts and T-shirts.  Finally went shopping at a real mall and my mom bought me all sorts of new clothes.  I finally have size small shirts!  I got four shirts, a pair of khaki pants, and a pair of new balance sneakers.  It will be great to go through a pregnancy with decent shoes. I'm so appreciative of my mom!

Weight gain? 10lbs. That's the same as last week, but since then I lost a pound and gained it back.  I think I'm adjusting to the quick 3lbs gain I had after reducing my metformin dose. We're going down again so I expect another small gain in the next two weeks.

Sleep? We've been at the beach and the days have been exhausting so sleep has been pretty good.  DS has gotten up a bit at night, but he goes back to sleep in seconds.  I do have to pee every time I wake up, but I still wake up rested.

Oh Pinterest, you make me think I'm artsy.
Movement? Last week I was randomly able to see baby move from the outside. I was feeling a lot of movement that week, so it was worrisome that movement dropped off a little this week. I think it's partly because I'm busy and not eating as much, and also the baby moves more when I'm sitting.  Thank goodness I have my doppler.  The reduced movement would really worry me otherwise.
Gender? It's a boy! So says the NT scan. Will be nice to have a confirmation on August 17th.
What I miss? I'll always miss my second child.  At the beach it's easy to miss adult beverages, but I also had fun this week writing in the sand making all sorts of fun sappy pictures to commemorate the pregnancy.  So, I'd def rather be pregnant than be drinking.
Food cravings? Really wanting my mom's milky way cake she used to make in my childhood.  While we're here she's going to make it again for me. :) It takes lots of chocolate and 6 milkyway candy bars.  I have no idea the recipe.
Aversions? Still zero desire for fish, but had crab cakes yesterday and they were delish.
Labor signs?  Since I've bend doing this my answer has been, "NO" but I can't really say that anymore.  Nothing to worry about, but this weekend my 'gas pains' were about every ten minutes for about two hours.  I knew I was dehydrated and I chugged 48oz of water in the next four hours and didn't do any heavy lifting at my job.  It was just a one time incident, no bleeding or mucus or anything. Just one of life's little reminders to take it easy and drink more water.

What I'm looking forward too? While I'm not yet ready to say I'm looking forward to the birth. I'm now looking forward to mentally preparing for the birth. Preparing for a natural birth is a lot of emotional work. I began by writing out my son's 49hr hospital birth story this week. It was interesting to read what I wrote over two years ago. I was also able to do a lot of research this week one the side effects we endured from the pitocin and I'll probably write a post just on how pitocin treated us next week. I know that it's a necessary and useful drug, but some people have side effects. Some babies die. My baby and I had side effects, and my baby could have died or suffered brain damage. I'm glad the drug exists for people who are happy it exists because women should have options and be able to make their own birth choices. Personally, I won't be agreeing to it again. I'll be reading hundreds of birth stories, and just getting in the birth mindset again. I haven't yet read Ina May Gaskin's 'Guide to Childbirth,' and I also want to read 'Mindful Birthing' by Nancy Bardacke.   

Any pregnancy news? I was trying to measure the fundus myself the past 3 weeks and always getting a week ahead.  Decided I must be doing it wrong.  In researching that, I read that the fundus should be at your belly button at 20 weeks.  I checked it this morning and it's a finger over the belly button today, so I think I really am measuring a week ahead.  Not worried, just curious and eager for my next scan.  Also, After accidentally forgetting to take my second dose of metformin three days in a row.  I decided to call my doctor and ask about weaning off it completely.  That has always been in the plan, but I guess I was thinking about doing it next week or the week after.  It will be a relief to be off it, and I'll end up being more careful about my sugar intake.  When on metformin it's easy to say that the drug will help control my sugars so there's more room for error.  That's not really true, but it's still been an oft used excuse for me.  The doctor agreed since I'm not overweight nor insulin resistant, so I'm down 500mg this week and then next week I'll stop taking it.

Baby prep accomplishments? The weight bench is gone! We finally just put it out at the end of the yard for either trash pickup or a scavenger to pick up.  I don't think it lasted more than a few hours before a neighbor picked it up.  Next project is to begin putting furniture in the room it's destined to be in, and to paint what will become the guest room.  We're really moving along, which is good because money that is beings spent each month on home improvements needs to be saved up for baby items.  After the pre-baby home improvement to do list is finished, I'll make a baby items still needed list.

Pre-baby home improvement to do list:
  • A few more painting touchups, mostly covering scratches and marks on doors. (small jobs) DONE
  • clean out what will be the guest room (big job) Almost done
  • sell weight bench and treadmill (becoming a bigger job than it should) Half-done
  • paint over wood paneling in guest room (huge job, wood paneling in DS's room took 2 coats primer and 3 coats of paint)
  • rearrange all furniture upstairs to furnish the guest room and create more room in our bedroom and DS's room. Already started
That's all for this week!

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