Thursday, August 2, 2012

18 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

8 weeks, then 11-17 weeks

How Far Along? - 18 weeks pregnant. What! Where does the time go?! I'm loving being pregnant and it's flying by! Seems like a big difference between this week and last to me.
17 weeks
 Maternity clothes? 100% yes for pants, shorts, and I still have no maternity shirts small enough.  I'm getting by with regular ones for now, but I won't for much longer. I keep waiting to gain more weight so they'll fit.  Now that I've stopped metformin, I think it's finally happening.

Weight gain? 10lbs. Eek! How'd I go from 7 to 10 in a week? It's certainly because I reduced my metformin dose. It actually happened almost overnight. I've been holding stead at 140lbs for about 3 days.  It's scary for any woman to gain weight, even while pregnant, but all the books say I'm at the upper end of on track for a 35lb gain. I think I need to gain at least 45 for a healthy baby, so I'm happy with my weight at the moment.

Sleep? It's been good, but I've been staying up too late. DS doesn't usually go to sleep until 10:40, then he's up at 7 or 8. If I kept the same schedule we'd be fine, but I always feel like I don't have any time to myself.  Last night I didn't go to bed until 1am, and tuesday morning when DS got up I couldn't get up with him. I heard him while I was in bed and just didn't move. DH told me he was up, and I was too tired to even respond.  So, DH had to get up early.  I hate doing that to him because he has to work and taking care of DS is my only job.  Major wife fail, but guilt gave me determination and I get up now even if I'm tired.

Movement? So exciting! This week I was randomly able to see baby move from the outside! I took a video since DH wasn't home and was so excited I posted it here on the blog.  I couldn't believe how popular it was! So glad everyone was able to share my excitement. 1300 pageviews here on the blog and over 400 youtube views. wowza! Thanks to everyone who took the time to watch!  It hasn't happened that strong again, but baby has certainly been moving a lot. I've got an active one!
Gender? It's a boy! So says the NT scan. Will be nice to have a confirmation on August 17th.
What I miss? I still miss my second child.  I still love being pregnant, and still missing going to the gym as much as I could before DS started this clingy phase.  However, we've been going for long walks everyday so I'm not without exercise.
 Food cravings? Really wanting a steak. Hoping if we go out for an anniversary dinner tomorrow I can satisfy that craving.  I've also been drinking hot V8 juice with a bouillon cube, tabasco sauce, and a splash of soy sauce.  Yum.
Aversions? Still zero desire for fish, but the thought of it doesn't gross me out or anything.
Labor signs? NO! I've heard people start having Braxton Hicks contractions this early. I hope I avoid them again! Never got a single BH contraction with my son, I just went into full blown labor one night. That would be fine with me again.
32 Weeks Pregnant with my Son
What I'm looking forward too? Being more pregnant! That's the same thing I was looking forward to last week.  I looked at some pictures of me from last pregnancy and I'm eager to get my giant belly back.  It might have been uncomfortable, but it was fun just because of the shock value.  I'm one of those women who strangers gawk at and think I'm about to pop at any moment.  When they ask me if it's twins or if I'm past due I can't wait to say, "nope, actually I have two months left." Teehee. 
 Any pregnancy news? I wrote a post this week on my progress becoming a pregnant runner.  It's going well! Also, I mentioned last week that I decreased my metformin dosage from 1500 to 1000mg. My doctor and I had a plan to wait until 20-24 weeks to begin weaning off metforming, but I'd been having some issues so decided to go off it earlier than planned.  As I feared, my weight shot up almost immediately.  I'm hoping it's just my body's kneejerk reaction to the difference in medication and I won't keep piling on the weight.  When pregnant with my son I gained 5lbs nearly overnight when I stoped metformin, but the gain steadied soon afterwards. 
Baby prep accomplishments? I made some progress on cleaning out what will be the guest room.  Including a laundry basket filled with misc cables, gadgets, and small electronics.  Going through that and sorting it out was a major accomplishment.  This weekend or this week I'll be able to photograph the treadmill and put it up on craigslist.  The weightbench hasn't sold. I'm going to call consignment shops tomorrow and see if it can be sold there.

Pre-baby home improvement to do list:
  • A few more painting touchups, mostly covering scratches and marks on doors. (small jobs)
  • clean out what will be the guest room (big job)
  • sell weight bench and treadmill (becoming a bigger job than it should)
  • paint over wood paneling in guest room (huge job, wood paneling in DS's room took 2 coats primer and 3 coats of paint)
  • rearrange all furniture upstairs to furnish the guest room and create more room in our bedroom and DS's room.
That's all for this week!

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