Thursday, July 26, 2012

17 Weeks - How I'm Feeling

How Far Along? - 17 weeks pregnant.  I'm loving being pregnant and it's flying by! Here's 17 week belly pictures from my 1st and current pregnancies.  Seems like such a difference to me!

17 weeks this time
Maternity clothes? 100% yes for pants, shorts, and still very low on maternity tops that are small enough to fit my shoulders and not let my bbs fly through the neck hole while still covering the belly. New fab mat shorts from ebay arrived.  Already wore them and love them.
17 weeks with my 1st pregnancy. You can barely see the belly!

Weight gain? 7lbs.  I found my weight chart from ds's pregnancy, and I was at the exact same weight, 137, when 17 weeks pregnant with him.  But my belly was so much smaller! Considering I started out this pregnancy 5lbs lighter.  I'm not sure how to feel about that.  Right on track? Too much? I'm the same as last week, and only just started working out this month.  I wasn't able to work out during the 2nd trimester with DS due to severe round ligament pain so I'm cautiously optimistic I'll keep to my weight gain goal of 45lbs.

Sleep? It's hard to say. DS has been sick and up a lot at night, so I'm tired during the day, but I don't feel like I'm tossing/turning at all like last week. If anything it seems like as soon as I close my eyes I have to get up again.

Movement? Finally feeling some consistent movement! Still can't feel anything from the outside, but definitely feeling bursts of very strong movement.  It seems like he's trying to break out of there!
Gender? It's a boy! So says the NT scan. Will be nice to have a confirmation further down the road.
What I miss? I still miss my second child, but I'm feeling much better than last week.  This week I've been so appreciative of being pregnant.  I remember longing for this for so long, then losing it so soon after I had it. I'm just so happy to be pregnant again! While I can't wait to get even bigger, I know the bigger I get, the less time I'll have, so I'm trying not to wish away a day of it.
Food cravings? Beef! Been having it every day. I've tried to make ground beef casseroles to make it last, and yesterday made beef stew. I just can't go a day without beef!
Aversions? Still zero desire for fish, but the thought of it doesn't gross me out or anything.
Labor signs? NO! I've heard people start having Braxton Hicks contractions this early. I hope I avoid them again! Never got a single BH contraction with my son, I just went into full blown labor one night. That would be fine with me again.
What I'm looking forward too? Being more pregnant! I know I already said so, but this week my mind has been full of appreciation for how far I've come, and memories of how great my last pregnancy was.  Starting to kind of look forward to the birth, but I will really miss the pregnancy.
Any pregnancy news? I've decreased my metformin dosage from 1500 to 1000mg.  My doctor and I had a plan to wait until 20-24 weeks to begin weaning off metforming, but this week I've really been feeling my metformin was too much.  I'm not overweight, IR, or high risk for GD, and I think I was burning through my food too quickly.  I'd start to get the shakes if I hadn't eaten in a while.  While I'm worried my weight gain will take off because of the decreased dosage, I think this is the right decision.
Baby prep accomplishments? I was thrilled to finish painting ds's ceiling last week, but this week I needed to catch up on housework. Especially since ds was sick there really wasn't any extra time to do home improvement stuff.  But I DID make a new to do list!

Pre-baby home improvement to do list:
  • A few more painting touchups, mostly covering scratches and marks on doors. (small jobs)
  • clean out what will be the guest room (big job)
  • sell weight bench and treadmill (becoming a bigger job than it should)
  • paint over wood paneling in guest room (huge job, wood paneling in DS's room took 2 coats primer and 3 coats of paint) 
  • rearrange all furniture upstairs to furnish the guest room and create more room in our bedroom and DS's room.
That's all for this week!


  1. Hi Due Date Twin!

    I came across your blog from BabyCenter's January 2013 board and thought I'd say hi

    1. Hi! Seems like there's a lot of us early January folks. I can't wait to see if there's any New Years babies! I'm guessing I'll go the 7th, but you never know!