Thursday, July 12, 2012

15 weeks - How I'm Feeling

How far along? 15 weeks! OB appt on Tuesday.

Taken by the hubs mid-painting

Maternity clothes? 100% yes for pants and shorts.  I can still wear T-shirts, but mostly in maternity tops, too. My fav outfit has been the sundress. I'm also in maternity bathing suit and I need more maternity bottoms.  Been too busy to look for a block of them on ebay, but that's still my plan.

Weight gain? I think I'm 5 or 6lbs up despite going to the gym regularly.  Hoping that will at least stay the same the next few weeks because I feel I'm a little ahead of my weight gain goal of 45lbs.

Sleep? Sleeping well and deeply, but dreaming constantly.  When I wake in the morning I kinda feel like I didn't rest at all because my mind was so busy.  It takes me nearly an hour to completely leave that disorientation behind.

Movement? I've been desperate to feel movement this week. Seems everyone in the Jan due date clubs are feeling it.  I was one of the first to show and first to find out the gender, so I feel past due for some movement!  It's such a great feeling. I want to feel it too!  Pretty sure I felt him last night right at bed time, but I want to feel him more consistently.

Gender? BOY! So says the NT scan. Will be nice to have a confirmation further down the road.

What I miss? July 19th was my due date from my last pregnancy.  I'll be 16 weeks by then, and of course I wouldn't trade this little guy for anything, but I've been missing my lost baby.  I've heard other mothers say they feel guilty for these feelings because they know they wouldn't have the new baby if they had the old one, but I don't feel that way.  I think I should have them both.  It's unfair that I don't.  It's not unreasonable for a mother to expect all her children to be with her.  I miss my baby and feel sad he or she isn't with me, too. I'll probably write a post to further explore my feelings this weekend.

Food cravings? I guess I've been eating too much sugar? But I started getting sores in my mouth and sugar really takes the pain up a notch.  I started using Listerine three times a day and they finally got better.  I'm still associating sugar with pain in my mind so I've been having salads every day.  Also wanting lots of meat!

aversions? Still zero desire for fish, but the thought of it doesn't gross me out or anything.

Labor signs? NO!

What I'm looking forward too? Continuing at the Gym even though it's been a terrible experience thus far. Their AC is out in the cardio room.  So it's just a walk through the Sahara every time I go.  Every day I assume surely it will be fixed by now, and I'm wrong. It's disappointing since I think I could do a lot better if it weren't so hot.

Any pregnancy news? It's a boy! But no new news since then.

Baby prep accomplishments? Got a ton done on the house this week! I love all the work I get done while being pregnant.  We've been eating healthy, homecooked dinners, the bathrooms are clean, dishes are done, laundry is folded, AND I've been a painting machine.  Finally finished my chimney project and I think it looks great! Also been doing touchups all over the house.  If you're a piece of door or window molding in my house, watch out! Here I come!

Before and After Chimney Pics!

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