Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a....


But I'll start at the beginning.  It was a long wait in the waiting room, and by then I had made peace with the fact that it would be a girl.  We had struck gold once. I knew my heart wanted a boy, but I was totally ok with a girl.  I'd started staring longingly at girl clothes and girl themed strollers, and I thought I'd actually be a little disappointed if it turned out to be a boy.

We finally got called and as soon as the doctor walked in I liked him immediately. He was such a stiff-necked nerd stereotype I had to keep myself from laughing out loud.  He immediately jumped into the statistics, definitely a numbers guy.  He talked about the percentages of finding this and that wrong, false positive rates, and his accuracy rate at predicting gender. He said if the baby was over 55mm he would be able to give the gender with an 85% accuracy, but I was only listed at 11w4d so he couldn't make any promises.

I laid down on the table and he took FOREVER to get himself situated. I wonder if he's got OCD because everything had to be just so before he started. Of course, every woman who has had a miscarriage freezes up those seconds before a scan worried there will be no heartbeat.  I was dying by the time he finally started! There a heartbeat. Phew!  Once that wave of relief hit, I immediately asked about the gender. I'm thinking, "Just get it over with and tell me what I already know. Girl. I'm totally ok with it."  He said the baby measured 62mm, but by then I couldn't remember how big it had to be for him to guess! While I was contemplating this, he said "You curious about the gender?" He was obviously joking since I'd asked him about it a few times the appointment already.  I said, "yes!" And he found a good profile shot and started typing a caption at the top. B-O-Y.  You guys, I totally lost my marbles and started sobbing with joy! My reaction shocked me even while I was crying! I thought I was fine with either!  Tears were running all the way into my ears I was crying so hard.  So happy! I think the doc was a little annoyed and slightly offended that I'd have such a strong preference, but I just couldn't help myself.  How lucky was I?  A second live baby and the gender I wanted. Who gets two of what they want?  Driving home I kept telling DH I just felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

The doctor took lots of time doing the NT scan. He not only checked for downs, but also three types of trisomy. Everything came out perfectly perfect.  So far this pregnancy my due dates have been the 2nd, 1st, 6th, and 4th.  All the while I've known when I ovulated and wanted it to be the 3rd. Finally this doc believed me! He said the measurement certainly goes with my date much better than the 6th, and it's also the average between the earliest and latest date we've had. If we were to base a due date on this scan, it would be December 30th! Wowza, baby boy has grown! That measurement finally brings me the peace of mind I've been searching for throughout this pregnancy. He's big enough.  He's grown enough, enough to make it full term.  I'm now starting to really believe that this is going to happen!

I'm going to be mom to 2 boys! They're going to be able to share a room for a long time or even forever.  I'm going to see all ds's cute baby clothes again. They'll be a little less than 3 years apart.  Not as close as I wanted due to the miscarriage, but I'm really trying to move past it so I don't see the gap negatively every time I look at a family picture.  I'm just so happy it's a boy! So far, I've told hundreds of people if you include twitter, my personal facebook, and due date clubs.  Three people have told me about the friend of a friend who was told the gender at an early scan and the gender prediction turned out to be wrong at the anatomy scan. I realize this, but I don't see what that will change for us.  We haven't done a registry and probably won't until after then anyway. We have all ds's clothes so we won't be running out to buy a wardrobe or anything. If it turns out to be a girl then I will have a ton of shopping to do, but if it's wrong we won't have lost anything. We'll just have been happy for two months ;) If we find out it's a girl at the anatomy scan. I still think I'll be happy. I think I would have been fine if he said girl this time, I just wanted a boy!

Belly pic's up to last week! I think it's really going to start showing now. I feel much bigger this week!


  1. Congratulations!!! I was amazed they could tell so early but it's quite clear! lol. xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks! Yeah, my boy wasn't shy today at all! I think it helped that he measured so far ahead.

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