Tuesday, May 29, 2012

8/9 weeks It's a baby!

There she is! Took a while to find the heartbeat and during that time I really shut down emotionally.  When doc finally found it, I think I had already seperated my emotions from myself so much that I still didn't really feel anything.  The baby was very curled up and moving around, so the doc couldn't really get a good measurement.  I think the baby should be 8 weeks, 4 days at the absolute latest, but he only measured 8w1d to 8w3d.  The doc doesn't feel like it's an accurate measurement though, because babe was moving around so much. We measured the heartrate, it was 191! lol. My own heart had been pounding all morning so I think happy baby was feeling my nerves. ha.

So then I started to feel a bit better about it, although the feeling of overwhelming relief I'd been hoping for never came. DH commented how relieved he was that it was a singleton, and that's when the doc said she did see something else.  A few seconds of everyone holding their breath as she found another sac, but it was empty.  It's very far back in my uterus, so I suppose someone could be hiding back there, but it's much more likely it's an empty sac and will be reabsorbed.

I'm very happy with the results, but I really though I would get this sense that everything was going to be ok. Instead I just feel like, so far, so good, and am still very nervous.  I thought the nervousness would go away if only there was a heartbeat!  I'm starting to realize after you've lost one, you're just nervous about that possibility the whole pregnancy.  Thanks for everyone's support! It feels like it's already been such a long road and I have so far left to go!


  1. Yay!! I got so excited when I saw your u/s picture on my blogger dashboard today when I came into work.


    1. A belated thanks! your comments always brighten my day :)