Sunday, May 27, 2012

8 weeks. Last post before the ultrasound.

This is me just a few minutes ago.  Two different strangers commented on me being pregnant yesterday. TWO!!  Is it that obvious?  I got out my pics from my last pregnancy (which ended in miscarriage) to see if I was all that much bigger at this stage.  It's a little bigger this time than last time at this stage, but at the time of the m/c last time (12 weeks) it was way bigger than it is now.  I think i'm stretched out from the recent pregnancy and that explains why it's bigger. But, there are other explainations...

DH rarely voices his concerns to me.  He saves them up and thinks them over before he's ready to talk about them, and he's mentioned several time his fear of twins.  I'm not sure fear is the right word because I know he'd eventually be excited, but he's certainly nervous about the possibility.  His concerns are based on the fact that I'm more sick than I was last time (though I'm not sure I'm any sicker than I was with ds), I'm showing quicker, and my beta doubling time stayed at 30hrs, even at 19DPO.  None of these convince me though, because they can all be explained away by a healthy singleton.  But I think I'm not obsessing about this mostly because I just don't care. I really don't care if it's twins or a singleton.  I need to know for the planning, but I don't care which it is.  I will take any amount of live babies.

I get nervous about the ultrasound, but mostly I'm feeling really good about it.  Yesterday only added to that feeling.  There's a hiking trail in the blue ridge mountains that goes up a mountain to a beautiful overlook.  I won't say it's magical or it's my favorite place in the world or anything, but I hiked it the day of my wedding and when I was a few days past due with ds.  I don't know why I decided to take ds up there yesterday, but it just popped into my head in the morning to do it.  I was really tired from a poor nights sleep and it seemed like a good activity to keep me awake and tire out ds.  I didn't expect him to make it to the top.  He's only two and it takes an experienced hiker about 45 minutes to make it to the top.  I just thought we'd play around on the trail and in the woods looking at and enjoying nature.  You wouldn't believe it, but that little kid climbed all the way up there.  It took us two hours to do it.  I still really can't believe it happened, and I'm not sure he'd do it again.  It's amazing. We happened to climb up to the place I went right before the last two happy significant events in my life, and it happened days before my important ultrasound.  I definitely take it as a great sign!

Just Chillin', having a cracker on a mountain top.

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