Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 week update with belly pic

What an exhausting week! But I actually did less than I usually do because some mornings I just wasn't up to it.  We're going to the beach this week to visit my mom and I'm looking forward to spending more time with DS.  This week I wasn't able to take him to some of our usual activities, and I was often so tired I had to have the TV on to distract him so I could get housework done. He's watched much more TV this week than usual so I'm glad next week we can cut down. I'm also trying to leave the house clean so there won't be a ton to do when we get back.  DH has to stay behind and work, but mom will be there to help with DS and it will be too cold to go in the water so I'm hoping I can just rest and relax.
Things on the health insurance/WIC front are progressing since last week when my doctor tried to force me to get an ultrasound in order to get my proof of pregnancy form. I went to the pregnancy crisis center to get the form without the u/s. I thought the place counselled women to help with abortions and unwanted pregnancies, and was afraid to go and be considered with that group. HA! It's a religious based group that purposefully puts out that impression in order to prevent abortions by being able to counsel women considering that option. It wasn't a bad experience. I met with their counselor, got the form without the ultrasound, and actually can still get my free ultrasound with them whenever I want later in the pregnancy. We're thinking around 12 weeks if we make it that far. We might be able to tell the sex at that point. My application was complete with the form and I did qualify for state insurance, but DS did not on an easily remedied technicality. I'm eager to call on monday and get it resolved. This has been quite a difficult process, but I feel like we're getting closer to a good insurance resolution.

After last week's proof of pregnancy debacle I had kind of lost my confidence in this pregnancy. DH and I were busying calculating doubling times while anxiously looking forward to my last beta on tuesday. We were hoping for over 575.  That would have been doubling at 48hrs, but we were hoping to be in the 600s. It was 1761 at 19DPO! Holy Cow! The doubling time actually decreased to 30hrs from 33hrs last week. Yes, my mind immediately jumps to multiples or molar pregnancy.  After doing more research I feel fairly confident it's one healthy baby. YAY!  I researched molar pregnancy numbers and those numbers are incomparably higher than mine.  In theory, they'd be much higher than mine by 19DPO. Twins? Well, I just don't have anything to offer other than I really feel like it's just one.  I haven't really found anyone with doubling times similar to ours.  I found some examples of twins with higher or lower numbers, but no one with twins or singletons with similar doubling times. I'm not worried. I really feel like it's a healthy baby.  DH about passed out when he heard the number, and I think he's impatient for the u/s to know for sure. We discussed it and we both still want to wait until after 9 weeks. If we went in now and saw twins, we'd still worry about reaching that 9 week mark that we didn't make last time. We want to pass the mark, and then see what's there. What a relief to be debating between one or two healthy outcomes instead of a good or bad!

And I'll include a 5 week belly pic with DS lurking mischievously in the background. lol.


  1. Don't put too much faith in beta numbers, good or bad. I've seen bad numbers result in healthy babies, and good numbers equal miscarriage. My pregnancy the beta numbers were going up quickly (32 or 34hr or something close) and I was told I'd have a healthy baby, maybe even twins with such high numbers. Nether turned out to be true. Just take an easy and don't worry about them too much.

    1. Thanks, that's just what I need to hear. I go back and forth between being excited for twins, happy it's just a healthy singleton pregnancy, and thinking there's something wrong because really high numbers can be indication of chromosome issues. They're not really high though, just doubling really fast. I just need to relax and enjoy this moment. I'm hoping my mini-vacay will help!