Monday, April 30, 2012

WIC way to go

My beta results 48hrs after the 26 was 72! I'm feeling very confident. Especially since my belly popped, but that's no longer enough for me. Last pregnancy my belly continued to get bigger even after the fetus had passed.  I want nausea! Last pregnancy, between 9 and 12 weeks I felt good and had no real symptoms except the belly. I now need nausea and exhaustion to keep me comfort at all times. Anytime I get even a wave of it my heart gets all aflutter as I think, "Is this it!?," but then it passes.  It's hard to acknowledge the waves as being anywhere but in my head, though I do think they're coming more frequently. Yesterday we chatted with a neighbor who was smoking and it didn't bother me until we came inside and sat down. The smell became overwhelming until I started gagging on it.  I had to take a shower to get it off me and then, first thing after I get out of the shower I smelled it coming off my clothes in the hamper! I may not have actual nausea, but the super sniffer is back!

My sad story this week is about trying to get on WIC (government assistance for pregnant women and young children) and state health insurance on friday. I knew it was going to be a pain to deal with government offices and I shouldn't expect to get everything done on friday, but I did not think that the hangup would be with my doctors office. I first traveled to each office to find out what I needed to do (neither would answer their phone). I went home and gathered all the necessary papers (3 months of pay stubs!). The first blow was realizing we'd lost ds's birth certificate. We determined it must have been lost when we registered him for preschool, and a new one will take 2-4 weeks.  That only effects how much WIC I get, and it's just a delay, so, it was more upsetting because of it's sentimental value than anything else. 

The big issue is I need a proof of pregnancy form from my doctors. I called the doctor, and they said I needed to have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I was really surprised at this and said we don't wish to get an ultrasound until 9 weeks. I realize 9 weeks is no guarantee, but we don't want to see the baby until we're closer to the end of the danger zone than the beginning. 9 weeks is a few days further than we made it with the last pregnancy.  I got of the phone, but later called back and left a tearful voicemail. I had been thinking about my lost baby and how upset I'd be if I had to see another baby before he died. I really thought they should give me the form without an ultrasound. I'd still qualify for assistance if it was a blighted ovum or molar pregnancy, and they have my lab results. I'm clearly pregnant! The nurse called me back and said they understood my dilemma, (it's not a dilemma. I have nothing to decide. I'm not getting an early ultrasound.) but she spoke to the office manager and it's office policy to do the u/s before issuing the form. Eyeroll.

I asked the nurse to leave me a copy of my lab results and then today I called the health dept to see if I can get it done there. They referred me to the town pregnancy crisis center? My story is getting more and more ridiculous.  This is where young girls go to get abortions.  This formal infertile is about to set foot inside an abortion clinic! They don't perform abortions on site, but it's still weird as hell.  I called to confirm they can give me the stupid form without an ultrasound, and I have an appt there tomorrow. 

I hope they can do what they say and aren't just trying to get me in the door. If not, I'll just have to wait until I'm 9 weeks to get anything. I know it's only a month, but right now we pay $415 a month for private health insurance so it really makes a big difference.  Hopefully I can get this all sorted out tomorrow, but, if not, I'll just wait it out and continue to enjoy my pregnancy.  Though this was stressful and it was upsetting to imagine going through another loss, I kept my healthy baby in mind and reminded myself how happy I am to be pregnant!

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