Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh, elusive O. CD14 update

On CD12 I was feeling the pressure build.

CD13 I was thinking, "Wow, this is even more stressful than yesterday!"

Today was CD14 (it's now 2am on CD15) and we had a great procreational BD in the afternoon. I'd used preseed beforehand. The actual deed went well. Raised hips for 20min afterwards, and I was even able to insert an Instead Soft Cup and keep everything next to my cervix for another hour. What a waste, I thought, because I wasn't ovulating. Yet, throughout the day I kept noticing EWCM. Then in the evening I had large amounts of it. When I checked my cervix, it was high and wide open! YES! I eagerly took a digital OPK to confirm ovulation and it was negative. bummer. Hoping I just was testing a bit before the surge I tested again around 1am. Negative, bummer.

Yes, I'm happy my CP is so favorable, but it's doubtful our next BD will go as well as this one on the hubs day off.  I had time to do everything right. I was really hoping the timing would work out to give us our best shot. :(

I don't want to end on a negative note tho. There's a bright side to everything, and O'ing on monday means my CD21 P4 test will be done 7 days after O.  My OB has you do the test on CD21 no matter when you actually ovulated, but because of the weekend I'll have to do it on CD22. Assuming I O on monday, this will be 7DPO which is when I'd rather do the test anyway. Another bonus? I'm really into natural birth, and medical interventions skyrocket around the holidays. If I O on CD15 my due date would be 12/31/12. Assuming this baby is as late as my first child, I'd barely make it through the holidays into the new year. Of course they come up with these dates with ultrasound, but if I don't O until tuesday, we'd have an even greater chance of a january due date. Would I trade the prefered due date for an earlier O? Hard to say. Luckily, it's completely out of my hands. I'll happily take whatever I get. (Unless it's very late O or no O. That would be sad!)

I should mention the possibility that I've already ovulated and just missed catching my surge on an opk. I don't think so for several reasons. Last cycle my LH hormones were detectable by the opk for 3 days, and I had a lot of pain in my left ovary after O for three days. I don't have any pain now.  Also, on CD13 this cycle my cervix didn't seem favorable at all.

I can't believe only 2 days after my last update, NOTHING has happened and yet I still managed to write this much. Goes to show how stressed I am about this. It's so important we get the timing right. I'll be so relieved when O is over and I'm safely in the 2ww.

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