Friday, April 6, 2012

CD12 Update: Thoughts on the Pressures of a Medicated Cycle

12 days into my first medicated cycle, and it's already so different from a natural cycle.  While I've always respected other women's decisions ttc, I could never understand why anyone would willingly take a break from ttc. What I didn't know is how much more INTENSE a medicated cycle feels. I still don't think I'll take a break until I get pg, but WOW. While waiting to ovulate in the past has been an easy break from timed intercourse and the dreaded 2ww, this cycle it's been equally or even more stressful. I can't imagine how stressed I'll be once ovulation does happen.

I swore I wouldn't waste away digital ovulation tests like I did last month, but I've been testing since CD9. I've researched and found that CM/CP tend to get favorable on and off during a clomid cycle. While favorable CP is a good sign, it doesn't necessarily mean impending O. Opk's are more accurate, but multiple positives are common on clomid cycles. My conclusion is that we need to BD like crazy!Fortunately, desire has not been an issue. My husband has mused that perhaps the secret to clomid's success is simply making women want sex more often so they end up pregnant. HA. If only timing were the issue. Other side effects have included exhaustion, intolerance of in-laws, cravings for minty foods, and maybe slightly more emotional. Not nearly as bad as I expected. My PMS symptoms are easily worse than this.

After AF ended I took Vit E for a few days to build up my uterine lining, and I just started taking guaifenisen to improve my CM. I've taken Vitamin C daily, but will discontinue after ovulation. I hope to use pre-seed if we get a positive opk, but in the past we've always ended up not using it. Every day this cycle I'm taking cod liver oil capsules, baby aspirin, 1500 metformin, 2000vit D, vit B complex, and a prenatal vitamin. 

Diet? Ugh. It's so hard to eat healthy! My only real goals are to have 2 servings each of fruit and veggies daily, and to limit sugar/caffeine. Seems so simple and yet it's rare that I acheive all my goals everyday. Despite it being extremely unlikely my poor diet contributed to my miscarriage, my poor diet while pregnant is something I now feel really guilty about. After O I'll be giving up caffeine entirely, and making healthy diet a priority.

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