Monday, April 23, 2012


It started on 8DPO with nothing. I wasted a FRER way to early and it was negative, but once you start testing it's really hard to stop. 9DPO brought me a morning negative, and then an afternoon positive. The morning test also turned positive that day, but both occured outside of the time limit. I was excited, but unconvinced.

Most people say they can't see the lines, but I saw them.

10DPO. Of course I was really looking forward to testing, but I'd worked 3rd shift the night before and only had 3hrs of sleep. Negative that morning. Later in the day I finally was able to hold it for 5hrs and then test. It was faintly positive within the time limit. Afterwards it became even more clear, but I didn't take a pic.

Faint positive, pic taken within time limit.

I'M PREGNANT!! It's only 10DPO so only a faint line is to be expected. I really went through a whole range of emotions, but not as much excitement as this news deserves. The problem was I spent 24hrs not knowing if it was really a real bfp or not. When I finally recieved confirmation I felt relief, then happiness, and then became really tearful. I was so happy, and it had been such a long two week wait (though I know most are longer). I just needed to cry it out. Afterwards, only happiness and relief remained.

I weaned my son last week (he's 2) and now I'm so glad. It was an easy transition, almost a mutal decision between us, and I'm so glad my body can now focus on growing a new healthy baby. I know breastfeeding during pregnancy is safe for most women, but I already have PCOS and take metformin. I wonder if maybe it's too much for me to do both. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that anymore.

I go through periods of cramping and googling info on ectopic pregnancy, and then realize it's my slow digestive system and not my reproductive system. Cramping is so often mentioned in due date clubs that I actually think it's a sign of healthy pregnancy. As each of my pregnancies have begun, I've sworn that each was going to be the one to give me terrible morning sickness, but I've never had it that bad. This pregnancy I have that same 'feeling'. Like that moment when you realize you've had WAY too much to drink, and you know sickness is coming, but before it actually comes. That's how I feel now. Like, "whew! I'm going to be sick tomorrow!" But, with my last two pregnancies the actual wave of nausea wasn't near as bad as those dark clouds fortold. I guess I usually have the perfect amount of nausea. Just enough to reassure, but not enough to ruin your life.

 I really can't wait. I can't wait for all of it. The morning sickness, ultrasounds, and doctors appointments, but most of all I can't wait to have a belly and feel the baby move. I never got to feel my last baby move though it was something I really looked forward too. That pregnancy was ended so soon, and so unexpectedly, I immediately missed being pregnant. It's such a relief to feel that way again. I absolutely love being pregnant! So happy to be back in this place.

Next up, betas, Blood tests to check HCG hormone levels. I think anything over 5 is pregnant, and then we need to watch the numbers increase for a while to verify healthy pregnancy. I'd like to do two this week (4th week of pregnancy) and two the sixth week of pregnancy, but I'll discuss with the doc. I hope to get the results on the 23rd, but the 24th is more likely. I'll blog an update then including the story of how I told my husband and a detailed description of everything I did this cycle ttc.

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