Friday, March 30, 2012

My first ever medicated cycle

It has always been my position that, for most women with PCOS, medication isn't necessary to conceive. TIME is necessary. If a women spends 4-5hrs a week researching reproductive cycles, fertility, PCOS, and charting, AND spends a year or more charting, testing, trying new treatments and discovering what works for her, most will get pregnant. Time spent "neither trying nor preventing" is completely useless and should be discounted when calculating total number of months ttc.

I knew I was one of those people who could get pregnant naturally. I didn't understand the impatience of others, and I worried that women who couldn't get pregnant the medical route were really missing out by never trying naturally.  I worried they might have gotten pregnant faster by going naturally, or everything they would have learned about their bodies would've helped the medical treatments work. During the 13 months ttc my son, I always had a plan for the next 4-6 cycles, and didn't see a need to accept my doctor's offer of clomid until I felt like I had tried everything. Turns out I found what worked for me and achieved a healthy pregnancy.

Enter secondary infertility. Spent five months ttc, all the while watching my son get older and older, knowing we were getting further and further past our goal of having our children two years apart in age. I finally achieve pregnancy, and they would have been 28 months apart. not bad, except my baby died at 9weeks, and we didn't find out about it until 12 weeks. I don't say that time was wasted, because it was time on earth spent with my 2nd child. I just now place a much greater value on time. I'm no longer willing to give time to my PCOS. My sense of urgency is almost manic. After 18 months spent successfully to achieve two pregnancys I'm starting my first medicated cycle.

We're doing 50mgs Clomid, pre-seed, digital ovulation tests, charting CM/CP, and a P4. So, it will be mostly unmonitored. I'm certainly at risk for multiples since I already ovulate on my own, but I really could care less. Maybe that's the only way I'll ever get two children close in age. At least I won't be spending 40+ days on just one cycle. I hope to O right on day 14, but with infertility there's no telling. I am quite nervous about the clomid side effects, long and short term, but I'm ready to get this done. I feel really positive about it, though I know there are no garuntees.  CD1 was March 26th, we're looking roughly at O on April 9th, P4 on the 16th, and POAS starting the 21st.

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