Monday, March 12, 2012

Miracle in the Making

OMG!! First positive OPK of any kind in my life. AND we did the deed this morning. Hopefully the stars align and we can repeat tomorrow, but I'll still remain hopeful if not.

Now that reality is setting in I'm getting nervous. Ovulation on CD26!! That is so late. I've never ovulated that late that I know of. Pre-miscarriage my cycles were 30-32 days long.  I guess I didn't stop bleeding until CD10, and I spotted until CD19. Maybe it makes sense that ovulation is late. I can't believe I'm worried about another m/c before I've even confirmed a pregnancy!! What am I going to be like if I get a positive pregnancy test!

Oh, this post is going to be so disjointed, but after a few minutes texting my fellow IF'ers I feel excited again. They convinced me 26 isn't that late, and even if it was it wouldn't matter. WOW!! I might be pregnant again very soon. Brings tears to my eyes.

My angel baby was born on 1/2/12, and since then I've tried to remember him in my daily routine by arranging or buying things in 2's or 12's, choosing either of those as my gym locker number, etc. Just little ways throughout my day to let him know I'm still thinking of him.

SO, I put 3/11/12 conception date into babycenter's due date calculator and if I get a bfp this baby's due date would be 12/2/12!!! Can you believe it?! I know most often the special due dates/birth dates just don't happen, but I feel so happy and positive right now. Like my baby's thinking of me too and happy we're still trying. Even if I bfn, I'm just so happy for a positive sign. I'm in the two week wait!

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