Sunday, March 18, 2012

How I survive the two week wait.

Once you've been through a couple of these two week waits, you develop a system. Two weeks is a mighty long time to find out something so important, it takes a strategy to get through.  My system is complicated and has a lot of rules. That's kind of how my brain works and how I run my life as well. It makes sense I'd run a 2ww this way.

I divide my time up into zones, each zone has it's own set of symptom watching and responsibilities. Sometimes they change from 2ww to 2ww, so I'll just share my strategy this time.
  • 1-3 days past ovulation (DPO). During this time I meticulously note and document symptoms for the purpose of verifying ovulation. It was easier this time because I used digital ovulation tests and was fairly sure of O. I also had a lot of intense cramping on the left side all three days. I read this happens because polycystic ovaries have a particularly thick skin meaning ovulation can be somewhat traumatic and it can hurt while it heals, but otherwise isn't a problem. It's kind of nice to have further O confirmation.
  • 4-5DPO. Just wait it out. They say implantation occurs at 6DPO at the earliest. So, days 4 and 5 are pure waiting. No O signs, no pregnancy signs. All symptoms that occur during this time are probably due to normal rising progesterone levels and should happen every cycle at this time whether I'm pregnant or not.
  • 6-9DPO. To test or not to test? That is the question.  Women can implant any time between 6-12DPO (I've heard of women implanting even later).  It's possible for a bfp during this timeframe, but improbable.
  • 10DPO test day. Either celebrate or assume all is lost. Yes, this is premature, but I can't help myself!
  • 11-14DPO Continue testing to confirm bfn or bfp. If bfn, count down the days until you can resume non-preggo activities like drinking/exercise.
  • AF shows! Immediately forget the previous cycle. Plan the next one and be hopeful.
The 'when to POAS (pee on a stick)' debate is intense amongst infertiles. I'm in the minority by testing early. Many women take a 6DPO bfn as the end of the world. I don't. Not only that, but during that 6-9 day window you can drive yourself crazy with imaginary pregnancy symptoms. It's the pregnancy hormone HCG that causes those symptoms.  If you get a bfn, you know it's all in your head or caused by normal progesterone and can move on with your day without getting your hopes up too high.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I can't test on sun/mon mornings because I work 3rd shift sat/sun nights. I drink so much water at work my pee is too diluted to give an accurate test, and then when awake at home I rarely hold it for four hours. (It takes time for the HCG to build up, and I like to give it four hours.) On Tuesday I'll be 8DPO and probably drowning in pregnancy symptoms. I'll test then to clear my head, but won't expect an accurate result until Friday/Saturday.

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  1. I just read through a lot of your story and wanted to offer my condolences for your miscarriage. I had one too, in January, and can definitely empathize with your pain ...

    Good luck as you make your way through the 2ww, and I hope you have a BFP to reward you at the end!