Sunday, March 4, 2012

Boring TTC Update: Post M/C Cycle #1

I don't know if my readers are chart stalkers, but let me bring you up to speed on my sad state of affairs. Here's my fertility friend chart for my miscarriage cycle.
The red blocks are all bleeding days, asterisks represent days with some spotting, and I got my first negative pregnancy test January 27th, which was cycle day 26. You can see that I bled for 36 days after my m/c.  That's a lot, even for a 9week old fetus. They say you must have no bleeding whatsoever for 20days before you can start a new cycle, but I had a negative test for more than that amount of time, and you'll see in my next chart that the spotting only continues.

I got a crazy heavy period on CD45, which of course started a new cycle. Here's my current chart.
Do you see the spotting? I have to come to terms with the fact that I'm spotting throughout my cycle.  I've googled the problem, and I see it's common for people to spot around ovulation or at implantation, but not throughout their entire cycle. I feel like I need a specialist, a reproductive endocrinologist, but I can't afford anything like that. So, I'm going to call my doc on Monday, and she's going to recommend going on birth control pills for a month. I'm going to refuse, and they won't have anything else to suggest. Honestly, I don't know why I bother. I just feel like something is more wrong than I'm currently capable of suspecting, and I'm now more worried that I will get pregnant this cycle than I am about not getting pregnant. I can't seem to go more than a few days without spotting. If I get pregnant, how can I possibly go full term if my uterus can't even handle building a lining? At this point in my life, birth control or pregnancy prevention isn't what I want or believe in.  I refuse to prevent a pregnancy.

It's already CD18, and I don't seem close to ovulation. This is especially concerning because it was a weird late O that I got pregnant last time, and that ended in miscarriage. I know plenty of people have successful pregnancies on late ovulations, but it just worries me. I feel like the egg won't be as good for some reason.

And lastly, I can't seem to remember to take my metformin this week. I forgot two pills again today, and yesterday I didn't take any at all. I also missed one earlier this week. This is unusual for me, and I'm really kicking myself so I know I'll do better next week. But, it's terrible timing. Right before an LH surge and my body isn't going to be in the best condition.

I don't want to end on a bad note, tho. I have lots of ideas to fix it on my own. It finally occurred to me to look for miscarriage advice in the natural pregnancy books that I own. I wish I'd done this earlier. I think I'm going to add False Unicorn root and some other herbs to my daily supplements and see if that helps. I've already been taking 200I.U. of vitamin E (natural lining builder) a day for the past few days, and I think I'm going to take 600IU tomorrow just to give it a boost. It also occured to me that baby aspirin probably isn't helping, so I'm going to stop that. I know spotting between periods can be a sign of low progesterone, as can 8 to 9 week fetal demise, but I'm really hesitant to believe that's the problem here. I have never had a progesterone problem, and they don't recommend using natural progesterone cream outside of the luteal phase anyway.  I've thought about adding wild yam supplements, but I haven't researched it enough. I'm hoping either one of these is a magic bullet, I get pregnant and pregnancy fixes the problem, or at the very least my body just needs more time to heal itself and this spotting issue resolves on it's own in the coming weeks.

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