Monday, December 5, 2011

7w4d ALMOST U/S time!!

Ultrasound on Tuesday!! YES!!  The free childcare I had lined up through a friend may fall through because her child is sick.  I could pay for it through another friend, but I can't justify that when we could bring the little guy with DH and I. Despite the distraction of having a 20month old running around during an intravaginal ultrasound, we could get a great picture of ds pointing to the u/s screen. Wouldn't that be adorable?! That will totally be my facebook announcement if he comes with us.

Symptoms: Definitely have morning sickness this week. Never what I'd call severe, although I would go so far as to call it severely annoying. It's the same as most preggo's, I'm sure. Triggered by not eating, eating too much, or eating the wrong thing. Belly is still huge. I'll include a belly pic below. Still napping during the day, but since I work third shift on the weekends I'm totally exhausted from Sunday to Tuesday. All the more reason I'll be emotional on Tuesday during the ultrasound.

Still obsessing over the twin possibility, but I've done a TREMENDOUS amount of googling and I actually feel better. Although the vast majority of women showing like me would be carrying twins, I found a lot of stories from women of my size and stature that just show freakishly early.  Between reading those stories, and stories from twin moms, I can relate more to the early show-ers than I can to the twin stories.  I did score 55% likelihood of twins from the 'is it twins?' quiz I found online, but it was mostly based on family history and old wives tales. I think most women would get that score.

Here's the belly pic! On Tuesday I'll probably upload a quick ultrasound pic from my phone. Exciting!

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