Sunday, December 25, 2011

10weeks, 'the space', and ds food allergy update

I know it's been two weeks, but I'm not giving up on this. I just normally write posts while at work and I only work on the weekends but took last weekend off. It's been two weeks since I've been at work, so it's been two weeks since I've posted.

I'm in....that space. If you've been pregnant before, you know that space. Morning sickness is over and you feel great, like normal. But, it's way to soon to feel movement. So, how do you know you're even pregnant? You don't. That's the kicker. It's the space between a multitude of 1st trimester pregnancy symptoms and feeling movement in your huge baby bump.  Lucky for me I haven't worn my work shirt in two weeks and omg it is too small. The 'bump' is definitely getting bigger. It's the only pregnancy sign I have right now, so I'm happy to see it growing. I'm also slowly moving into maternity shirts without them billowing around my empty stomach. They're so much better at accenting the bump as opposed to regular shirts that make me look fat.

It's been a busy two weeks. We got the results back from ds's blood test for allergies. The object was to figure out what he was allergic too besides milk and eggs.  Then we could get him off the large quantity of daily zyrtec he's on and simply avoid those allergens. I mean, how many can there be? How hard is it to avoid a few things? WELL, ds tested positive to milk, eggs, almond, pine nuts, sesame seeds, corn, peanuts, weeds, tree pollens, molds, dust, dogs, and cats. I really tried not to cry the whole evening after I found out. I told myself how happy he was and that this isn't going to change anything. He's not the only kid in the world with multiple allergies, the allergist has probably dealt with this a thousand times, etc. And then I finally broke down and let it hit me. Dh has been really great. His nonchalance about it all has actually been really helpful. While I was hoping to get ds off zyrtec, it just might not be possible right now, and that's ok.  Despite all these allergies, the zyrtec is working. We always hoped he would grow out of them, and he still might. It's going to be ok. At least that's what I tell myself!!

Next weekend I'll write again, and then Jan 3rd is my next ob appt! I'll get to hear that wonderful heartbeat and we can move on into the 2nd trimester. I'm hoping to feel some movement by then. I felt ds early, and they say you feel it earlier with each pregnancy. Merry Christmas!!! Here's my belly pic.

Monday, December 12, 2011

ultrasound update and food allergy woes.

I swore I'd post this week to announce the results of the ultrasound, and of course I don't. I have excuses, tho. (don't we all?)

Was so excited Monday to see my blueberry I could hardly sleep the night before. DS had experienced an allergic reaction on Sunday (more on this later) so we were kind of nervous about him going to another sitter on Tuesday, but I really wanted DH to come.

I get on the table for the vaginal ultrasound and the crazy technician starts looking at my ovaries and taking measurements? EXCUSE ME? I become this very annoying broken record. "Is the baby ok? I don't see it. Is it in there? Is there a heartbeat? Is it a baby?" With quite the loud sigh she briefly shows me the heartbeat. I tear up and then it's back to the damn ovaries. LOL. Finally she gets around to measuring the baby and decides I conceived on oct. 25th making me due 7/17/12. I realize afterwards that we didn't have sex between the 15th and the 27th, so we must have conceived on the 27th and they're going to short me two days at the end of the pregnancy, but I'll argue about that later if need be. I don't anticipate going two weeks overdue since ds was only a week over.

Seeing the baby was great, but it just looked so different from what I remember seeing ds. He was moving around and you could see little arm buds. This little tadpole just sat there. I think it wasn't as good of a machine, but it was our baby all the same. We heard the heartbeat. DH got that huge smile he gets when he's really happy, and life was grand.

We then go to a waiting room to see the actual doc and while waiting I get a picture text from the sitter that ds is having another severe allergic reaction.

That is the picture of a very itchy, unhappy 20 month old. Totally killed our post ultrasound high. The situation was ds stopped his allergy meds on Friday in preparation for skin testing on Wednesday. (how did those two appointments get to be only a day apart?) 30 minutes after he arrived at the sitter on Sunday, he got hives and facial swelling, and same thing on Tuesday while we're at the appointment. Two different sitters, and he hadn't had anything to eat either time. We suspect he's allergic to dogs, they're both dog homes, and his allergy meds were just preventing him from having reactions until we stopped them. Benedryl resolved the situation in both cases.

On Wednesday, the allergist confirmed that the benedryl doses disqualified him from the necessary skin testing, but that we could do blood testing. The blood draw was AWFUL. They had to use a super tiny needle. He had to be held down, and they had to constantly move the needle around inside his vein to keep the blood flowing. It was very painful and lasted nearly four minutes. He was so tired at this point, anyway, so it was truly horrible. He didn't nap well once we got home, and woke up several times that night just needing me to be there. That was a stressful day.

On Thursday and Friday I couldn't believe the how much happened in just two days. I really needed time to process. I announced the pregnancy and the allergy issue on facebook, birth clubs, and allergy forums. Received comments, concerns, and congratulations. I was so happy our new baby was healthy, and wishing our boy was healthy too. Worrying if this next baby's allergies will be even more severe, etc. I know the next one may not have any allergies at all, but part of being a mother is to worry about your kids.

Next OB appt is Jan 3rd, just to take vitals and listen to the heartbeat with a doppler. DS's allergy results won't be in for a while, maybe as long as two weeks, but since he's back on his meds we haven't had any more reactions and I don't expect he will.

8 week 6 day belly pic. Finally in some more form fitting maternity pants since I've announced at work. Those oversized pants I'd been in looked terrible!

Monday, December 5, 2011

7w4d ALMOST U/S time!!

Ultrasound on Tuesday!! YES!!  The free childcare I had lined up through a friend may fall through because her child is sick.  I could pay for it through another friend, but I can't justify that when we could bring the little guy with DH and I. Despite the distraction of having a 20month old running around during an intravaginal ultrasound, we could get a great picture of ds pointing to the u/s screen. Wouldn't that be adorable?! That will totally be my facebook announcement if he comes with us.

Symptoms: Definitely have morning sickness this week. Never what I'd call severe, although I would go so far as to call it severely annoying. It's the same as most preggo's, I'm sure. Triggered by not eating, eating too much, or eating the wrong thing. Belly is still huge. I'll include a belly pic below. Still napping during the day, but since I work third shift on the weekends I'm totally exhausted from Sunday to Tuesday. All the more reason I'll be emotional on Tuesday during the ultrasound.

Still obsessing over the twin possibility, but I've done a TREMENDOUS amount of googling and I actually feel better. Although the vast majority of women showing like me would be carrying twins, I found a lot of stories from women of my size and stature that just show freakishly early.  Between reading those stories, and stories from twin moms, I can relate more to the early show-ers than I can to the twin stories.  I did score 55% likelihood of twins from the 'is it twins?' quiz I found online, but it was mostly based on family history and old wives tales. I think most women would get that score.

Here's the belly pic! On Tuesday I'll probably upload a quick ultrasound pic from my phone. Exciting!