Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time reveals all

As I still have seen neither hide nor hair of AF, and have continued to get BFNs I have to let go of my favorite theory. I was hoping that I ovulated on CD17, felt extreme implantation symptoms on CD28, and was pregnant. It's CD33. I have to let that idea go.

But, hope springs eternal. On CD28 my instinct was telling me I was ovulating. I was confused because I thought i'd already ovulated on CD17, but we BD with preseed CD28/29. It's only later that I changed my mind and came up with the above theory. I'm rolling with this. I'm declaring myself 5DPO and hoping for the best.  I even bought myself a different brand of pregnancy test under a fellow infertiles preposterous suggestion that it is brand of pregnancy test that determines bfp, not ovulation, fertility, or anything else. lol. Yet...I bought the brand she suggested. (dollar tree) It can't hurt.

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