Sunday, November 13, 2011

So Happy!

Changed the name of the blog to better fit my new state of being.  I still hate infertility, but I'm in such a positive place right now.  I want this blog to be all about love!

Over this week it really took a while for it all to sink in.  I know my husband wasn't pleased I spent every free moment on the internet or on my phone. But, the online community is where I can really express myself and investigate different feelings. I will be better this coming week, but last week I really needed to indulge in early pregnancy glory.

I'm working third shift at the moment and I wish I'd brought my journal from my last pregnancy. I haven't had very many symptoms and I'm so curious when different symptoms hit me last time. I'd feel better knowing for sure I didn't have nausea until 7 or 8 weeks. (I'm pretty sure it was that late tho, it was only for a few days anyway.) I'm currently 4 weeks, 2 days and getting mild pulling or twinges along with fatigue, but not extreme fatigue like I had last time.

Already looking up baby names. Last time I put off looking at baby names until after we knew the sex. I was then so thrown by the fact he was a boy I couldn't find any names I liked. Dh eventually texted me a name he liked and although I didn't love it, I was relieved to have a name picked before the birth. Of course, I love the name now because it's my son!

These days I'm taking long walks with ds even tho it's getting colder. Doing a lot of happy daydreaming. Imagining telling people the news. As with my last pregnancy I'm loosing weight. Last pregnancy it caused me so much worry. I lost weight slow and steady until the 2nd trimester and then gained 50lbs!  Now I'm fine with it, and even enjoying my slim figure. It's going to give me the perfect little baby bump when I start to show. I'm not skinny by any means. (BMI 24) I guess I'm slightly above average weight, but not overweight either. Since I used to be overweight, and then went through a second weight loss loosing all my baby weight, I'm really happy with my body. Can't wait to have a bump to show off! But not really expecting one for a while.....Holy crap! Just went into last pregnancy's belly pics folder and realized I started showing at 11weeks! I didn't realize it was that soon. YAY!!

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