Monday, November 7, 2011


I can't believe it! I know everyone says that, but this is such a miracle. I thought I'd already O'd on cd17, and harassed DH accordingly at that time. But, on cd27 I was so emotional (and horny) I told DH, and he said he was tired, had to get up early, etc. Early the morning of cd28 he woke me up anyway. Then later in the day I found out I was ovulating! What are the chances of that happening! I was so depressed that I ttc these last four cycles not ovulating and not even knowing it. It felt like wasted time. I can't believe the first time I ovulated I got a bfp. It actually makes me trust my body a lot more. Instead of thinking I was o'ing and cycling normally, but it wasn't working. I now believe that even though I don't often O, when I do O i'll get pregnant.

I believe my EDD will be July 19th. I haven't decided whether to get betas done yet. Maybe, because I really want to tell my large family over thanksgiving. But I will just barely be six weeks by then. I think I'm going to have to decide to keep it a secret or chance it. I'll probably chance it cause I'd tell them if it didn't work out anyway.

Oh I'm so excited!  I hope it sticks!

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