Monday, October 31, 2011

PCOS Conjecture

No Period came. Lots of cramps in the morning and early afternoon, and then they faded into the occaisional twinge. I'm going to lay it out.

Possible O on CD17 after numerous signs.
CD28 (11DPO) I get even stronger O signs. Including signs i've never had before. This makes me think i've never actually O'd in all these cycles. My body's just been going through the motions.

CD28 possible ovulation was so strong I had cramps and the cramps continued through that day and 2 more days. I'm still kind of getting them. This made me realize I was 14 days past the CD17 possible ovulation and the cramps were probably my period coming. This made me sad.

Since I've been ttc #2 I've never been wrong about an anticipated AF arrival.  The past two cycles I guessed it down to within 2 hours.  If CD17 was right, then AF is offically late. Which got me on to a new theory. Perhaps I did O on CD17, and ACTUALLY CONCEIVED. (funny how this never crossed my mind up til now.) Perhaps on 11DPO the embryo implanted and thats all the cramping i felt and continue to feel. Perhaps I'm pregnant.

I held my pee for 4 hours, used an internet cheapie, bfn. :(

Thoughts? Theories? I guess i still could be pregnant, or it could be the CD28 ovulation theory, or changing luteal phase?

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  1. Gal, we are so in the same boat here! I could be 30DPO or just CD41. Of course I decided to take a break and stop charting my temps the day my pg symptoms started. I don't have anything like regular cycles tho. Just waiting it out til I can see my doctor for now.